Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fashion Show On Ice

On Monday evening I got to do something a little bit unusual. I sat on an ice rink at the Tower of London and watched a fashion show. It was one heck of an experience, albeit a very cold one.

Sitting front row amongst many celebrities with my wonderful friend Victoria Evans (she has super long legs to make any girl green with envy) we sat waiting for the show by to begin. Thank goodness I had Victoria with me because I didn't know who was who from TOWIE or Made In Chelsea. I did recognise some of them but Victoria and a lovely lady from OK magazine had to tell me all of their names. I was bemused by one person's outfit, Joey Essex, who wore a trench coat with a pair of huge white moon boots. Very odd.

Nevertheless, we were all huddled together wrapped up in scarves, gloves and hats ready to see what was going to share with us. The first ever fashion show on ice. Take a look at this video of the highlights.

very on ice
The Tower of London ice rink was a stunning venue.

Now besides a coat and winter accessories, what would you wear to an outdoor event on an ice rink followed by a little party indoors? I knew my most vital wardrobe component had to be the biggest, fattest, warmest scarf I own. It's a huge burgundy woollen one which I bought from Zara last year. It can wrap around my neck several times and provides a sufficient amount of warmth. I took my largest handbag to hide it in once we returned indoors.

I wanted to look fairly stylish for this event so I took a trip to my beloved Zara and purchased the jacquard bomber jacket I featured on our High Street Hitlist two weeks ago. I love it! I paired it with this Reiss polo neck midi dress, a very thick pair of Wolford black tights, a pair of last season Zara studded ankle boots and carried my ever faithful Mulberry Bayswater handbag. Believe it or not I was quite warm, except for my hands.

I could not find my black leather gloves before I left home earlier in the day, seriously, I searched everywhere. Thankfully, when I received the goodie bag from (after the fashion show) I don't think I have ever been so ecstatic about getting a pair of gloves. My hands were so warm when we left for our journey home. Oh and I wore the earmuffs and woolly hat they kindly gifted us with too. We also received three pairs of big socks, I am wearing the dark grey ones as I type this. Love 'em!

Here's some pics from the fashion show on ice, the ice skaters were bloomin' ace!

This is one of the many sparkly dresses Very sent down the ice catwalk.
(and that's half of my body on the far right of pic)
Very fashion show,
very on ice, made in chelsea, TOWIE,
very fashion show, TOWIE, MIC,
Love a pair of spangly shorts!
TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, fashion show
Very On Ice
Ice skating
Sadly this ice skater tried to do a backflip but he did not manage to execute it properly.
He left a very large hole in the ice rink when he hit it.
Poor man, it must have really hurt.
ella henderson, x factor,
Ella Henderson took to the ice for the catwalk show wearing this pink bobbly jumper  and leather look skirt.
Ella Henderson, X Factor,
Ella working it for the cameras.

Lots of the celebrities and fashion bloggers all put on a pair of ice skates and took to the rink for a few laps after the fashion show. I wish I was as brave as them, but as I had indulged on the free champagne I thought best not to take any chances.

Victoria and I stayed indoors and enjoyed the very tasty food and complimentary drinks before leaving and making our way back home. It was a fab evening and we enjoyed every second of it.

Teresa x