Saturday, 22 December 2012

Not Into This at Christmas Time

For this NOT Into This post it was only right we discuss the little things which we don't like about Christmas or certain gifts we hope are not under our Christmas trees - did you read our feature on the Worst Christmas Presents?? Lets hope none of us get a repeat performances of those mishaps.

Anyway, here's our Top Ten festive moans:

1.    Women who dress as sexy Mrs Santa Claus. You ruin the magic for all the little children when
       they see you dressed up in such a tarty costume.

2.    There had better not be a onesie under my tree on Christmas morning. I would be most unhappy if
       someone had bought me one. I can't stand the ruddy things.

3.    Miserable sods on Christmas Day. If you can't smile for one day of the year and feel you have to
       impose your miserableness on others then you won't be welcome in our homes. No one wants a
       Victor Meldrew type person moaning all day.

4.    People who post status updates on Christmas Day. If you cannot go without sharing your life with
       social media just for one day then you really have got problems.

5.    That moment when you are so full to the brim after eating your Christmas dinner and someone will
       keep trying to force-feed you by bringing in plates of mince pies, nuts and more chocolate!

6.    When you know you have got to return some of your presents to the shops because they are the
       wrong size. Yep, you'll be there along with thousands of others trying to get an exchange or a
       refund at the same time as another umpteen thousand people who are frantically trying to buy
       something in the sales.

7.    The constant regurgitation of DFS Boxing Day sale adverts on television. Thank goodness for

8.    The less than charitable people who do not think of those who are alone on Christmas Day. If you
       do have a neighbour who will most likely be on their own then please pop round with a mince pie
       and spend a little time having a chat. Or even invite them around for a few drinks. They will really
       appreciate it.

9.    The aftermath of brussel sprouts. Why do men have an inability to digest this revolting green
       vegetable and then proceed to pass the most vilest wind hours later? *quickly checks I have some
       air freshener in the cupboard*

10.   My biggest grievance is that it nevers snows. I WANT IT TO SNOW ON CHRISTMAS DAY