Thursday, 13 December 2012

Worst Christmas Present?

Yesterday I was reading my favourite wedding blog Rock My Wedding (yeah, I got married two years ago but I still like to swoon over pretty weddings!) and they were revealing their Christmas wish lists and it got me thinking…..

How come I have provided people with ideas for what to buy me in the past, honestly, I drop hints like lead balloons and yet I still receive some very peculiar gifts. Lets hope people will take the easy route and click on the Shop Our Picks page and get some inspiration from there. Seriously, I couldn't make it any easier could I?

Anyway, I thought I would tell you all about some of the strangest, weirdest and downright awful presents I have received.

The absolute winner for giving me the worst gift ever goes to an ex-boyfriend from when I was in my late teens. My boyfriend of three years handed me a single gift, it was something wrapped up in a box. Hmmm, I thought, maybe some jewellery, a watch…..or maybe a bottle of perfume. I was devastated when I opened the present. It was a multipack of Memorex blank cassette tapes.

My mother-in-law once bought me a suitcase, I really didn't know how to take this.

My late Grandma (bless her) used to buy three gifts and wouldn't wrap them up. She would show all three gifts to my big sister and ask her to choose which one she would like. After Angela had chosen her gift my Grandma would then say "Here you are, these are yours" as she handed them to me and my younger sister. Nothing like feeling second best.

Going a bit off-track here, but my Grandma was a right character. We would buy her a box of Quality Street every Christmas as a stocking filler. She would open the box of chocs and remove all the purple ones and put them in her handbag before offering them around to people.

I once received a book titled "Sudoku Made Easy" I have never done a Sudoku puzzle! I honestly cannot understand how someone could think I would like to have this. Bizarre!

My children once got me a gnome called Gary. I was really shocked. Although after five minutes I found it absolutely hilarious.

My beloved gnome Gary

I have since received gnomes Jason, Julian, Alan and Scott for mothers day and birthdays. I enjoyed buying them all a gnome back for their birthdays though. My back garden is well populated with gnomes now.

My poor friend Jacqui's birthday is in January and she often receives everyone's unwanted Christmas gifts for her birthday. She has received some awful presents, a revolting bangle and lots and lots of bubble bath. Poor lady.

Yesterday I decided to ask our followers via Facebook and Twitter what is the worst Christmas present they have ever received and here's some of the replies:

Helen Briggs - Out of date chocolate bodypaint. It was a Secret Santa gift and I was less than impressed.

Karen Webb - A full body lace thingy was so short I couldn't stand up straight Hahahaha

Anders Söderberg -  When I was 15, I got a plastic Volvo for a christmas present.

Jane Thatcher - Victoria Beckham autobiography.....I can't stand her.

Amanda Webb - After being told I was getting something to wear (thinking jewellery, new clothes etc) I was very vocal in my disappointment when I received a walkman!

Matt Wilkes  - Some Y- fronts off an 

@Pink_Smiles - Carpet cleaner solution. My mother in law really likes me.

@icakes_junior -  A bottle of food colouring

@OneJollyGirl - My folks once got some bug killer for the garden from a family friend!

@FaerieWishesUK- Two cat ornaments wrapped up in an old tissue box! Think I was more gutted that my brothers and sister got £20 each! #thanksnan

@stylesequel -  A bottle of Baileys. HATE Baileys

@AlisonKendall - Receiving a card from your husband with an IOU inside for your 30th birthday. Needless to say we are now divorced.

@EmSulley - An electric blue handbag at the age of 12 :/ #tomboy

Let us know what the worst or weirdest present you have ever received, we are loving hearing everyone's stories.

Teresa x