Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Our Skincare Heroes During Winter

We all know winter gives our skin a battering what with the harsh winds, freezing temperatures, central heating and in-car heating. It's all enough to give us a bit of a leather face which is so parched it is screaming out loud for rich moisturising creams, repair masks and a ruddy good facial.

Then there's your sore lips all cracked and chapped that if you apply a lipstick your lips will have crispy flakes of skin which look like you haven't wiped your mouth after eating a sausage roll.

And what about your hair and the rest of your skin? It's all zapped and drained from the intense changes of temperatures merely from walking in and out of your home everyday. Your hair is either a big frizzy mess or hangs lifeless off your head and your hands are as dry as the pound notes you did have in your purse when you went Christmas shopping.

So, with bearing all of our winter woes in mind I have put together all of our rescue remedies and top hero products. Here's the beauty items which we have tried and tested over the years through many purchases of trying to find what really works. No, we're not beauty experts but we know what works for us.


To guarantee the gorgeous glow we all yearn for and not forgetting the necessary protection from the harsh weather we endure everyday, these are your guardian (face) angels. My personal favourite - Dr Hauschka's Rose Day Cream.


Simple Kind to Skin Moisture Boost, £4 / Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream, £24.95 /
Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy–Boosting Moisturiser, £27 /
Pai Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream, £19 / Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser, £3.79


It only adds a few more minutes to your nightime skincare routine and it is so worth it. All ladies should have a little indulgence, right? These will rehydrate any parched forehead and cheeks.


Something we can lack is a bit of radiance during the winter months, faced with a sallow reflection in the mirror every morning we need something to make us look like we have eaten our Ready Brek. These items will have you looking like you've had a full night's worth of beauty sleep. 

Put The Sparkle Back
Elemis eye treatment, £39 / Pai Rosehip biogenerate oil, £20 / Clarins Beauty flash balm, £27 / Superdrug Vitamin E oil, £2.99 / Jurlique radiance serum, £48 / Caudalie divine oil, £25


Yay, we can pucker up under the mistletoe once we have slapped some of these onto our lips. I am a HUGE fan of Nivea's lip butter and it's an absolute bargain. 


Is your hair looking frazzled every morning when you arrive at work? Ours is. Slap one of these haircare products on and you can shake your long locks around like the woman of a shampoo advert. 
And don't forget to keep a handcream in your bag, we are big fans of Nurture Replenish. Your hands will be super moisturised for hours!

Organic Pharmacy hair scalp oil, £25 / Kiehls Olive Fruit oil masque, £25 / Dr Hauschka Neem hair oil, £22.95 / Garnier repair hand cream, £4.45 / Nurture replenish hand cream, £7.45


Are your shins shedding skin every time you pull up your 80 denier tights? They won't when you slap some of this on your pins. You will smell heavenly after a shower/bath when you have smothered yourself in any of these. Abahna has got to be our No.1 favourite.


That's all of the winter essentials for our skin which we trust with our …..erm…..lives skin. Do you have a hero product? Let us know, we love to try something new which comes highly recommended.

Teresa x