Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Winter Wedding Inspiration

Winter weddings are magical. Fact.

Too many people think of them as cold, wet and windy days where really you are giving the perfect conditions to make your wedding day enchantingly special.

I've created some inspiration boards for you to see how using the elements you are given to work in your advantage. Firstly, lets embrace the wintry temperatures with a touch of snow and glitter.

winter wedding

There's nothing more romantic than candlelight and can you imagine how wonderful your wedding photos are going to look with a reception room adorned with little flickering flames. I am loving the arch of sparklers. What a fab pic to have!

Winter weddings should have succulents in the floral displays and bouquets. They look heavenly.

succulents, flowers,

The ultimate accessory for the winter bride is a cosy wrap to keep the chill off her shoulders. Add a dash of elegance with a faux fur stole.

winter bride

When choosing your cake for a winter wedding you may wish to stick to traditional and to be honest, I would too.  There's something to be said for the effortless, chic, understated plain white iced cake; just decorate it with flowers matching your bouquet. I wouldn't go for anything brightly coloured simply because it would clash with the winter wedding theme - if you are having a theme that is. I love all of these cakes for their simplicity.

How would you style a winter wedding? I'd love to hear your ideas.

Teresa x