Saturday, 3 November 2012

10 Things We're Not Into This Week

1.     I love bonfire night, I really do. I am the first to be shouting ooh and aah from the crowd at a
        public firework display. But what really gets on my nerves is people letting off fireworks late at
        night when it's obvious people will be in bed fast asleep. Oh and it's not even bonfire night it'll be
        a random evening of the year. Two weeks ago someone was having a fantastic firework display in
        their back garden in a very quite village where my parents live. It was 11:30 at night! Disrepectful

2.     Trick or treating is becoming more and more popular nowadays and I am stunned to see some
        people do not have any Halloween etiquette. It's ever so simple - only knock at the houses which
        are decorated and are basically inviting you to come to trick and treat. 

3.     Back with the Halloween thing, another gripe of mine is teenagers. Yep those ones who don't
        even dress up and still go knocking on people's doors just so they can get some free sweets and
        chocolate. I witnessed a boy who was wearing his school uniform knocking on people's doors
        saying trick or treat. Shameful!

4.     After delving into my children's treats which they gratefully received on Halloween I am appalled
        at some of the flavours of children's sweets. Ugh, the mind boggles how these sweet
        manufacturers get these chemical enhanced sugar things past the quality control tests. If I smell
        anything with a soured apple aroma ever again I will vomit immediately. Yes, serve me right for
        pinching my children's sweets.

5.     Growing a hairstyle out is much easier said than done. I have sported the pixie crop for quite some
        time and I have decided to grow it out and go back long again. This will mean my hair will go
        through phases of club head, cannot get under control head, you call that a hairstyle head and have
        you looked in a mirror recently head.

6.     Fat dogs. Whilst out walking a few days ago I spotted a chocolate labrador which can only be
        described as morbidly obese. The poor thing was trying its hardest to walk (read: waddle) as its
        large belly wobbled around and its hips were struggling under the strain. Some dog owners are  
        unnecessarily cruel and then try to justify their dogs obesity because they like to give them titbits
        throughout the day. A dog will not love you more because you are overfeeding it. It will just suffer
        in a lot of pain and die much sooner.

7.     What has happened with people using their manners? I am right stickler for manners and etiquette.
        If you do not use your Ps and Qs then do not expect me to do as you request. I will point out to
        you your lack of courteousness and I do not care how old you are. Yes pensioners I am talking to
        you. I am finding more of you are starting to forget to say please and thank you. You have been

8.     I am most unhappy with the letter I received from my gas and electricity supplier stating they are
        going to increase their prices, yet again! I would love to know why they feel it is necessary to
        bleed our bank accounts dry.

9.     I'm not enjoying what this sudden drop of temperature is doing to my skin. My face is in need of
        some urgent TLC. Bring out the hydration masks and super moisturising creams, the central
        heating is sucking out every single drop of moisture from my face.

10.   I am starting to wonder whether the drop in temperature causes some people to go a bit delirious
        and dress in some really absurd items. Firstly these stupid hats with ears. Fine if you are aged 6 or
        under, then it can be deemed kinda cute. But please will adults refrain from trying to impersonate a
        cat or bear. You look silly.

hat ears

And what is with people wearing UGGS still? Other than keeping Mycil athlete foot cream in business I cannot see any benefits to wearing this done-to-death trend.

ugh uggs
Source - Ugh UGGS!

And finally the stupidest thing people do when it's cold outside is dress as if it's tropical temperatures. I have never understood why girls go out partying in just a skimpy dress; where's your coat? You can take the coat off when you get inside the pub or nightclub, it's ever so easy!