Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I'd Like to Whip the Wedding Industry Into Shape

Today I want to introduce you to a genius. An event styling and stationery genius. Mr James Roe is the owner of Roeni and his company is setting the standards so high that I honestly believe they are leaving other wedding companies for dust.


This is how brave Roeni is. They don't do same old, same old. They design your wedding around you not what the current trends are; they want you to have a super stylish wedding. Their attention to detail is beyond your wildest dreams, in fact, they could easily surpass the demands of any Bridezilla. If you want individuality and styling to never be compromised, then they are your man.

roeni fairytale

Roeni offers a design service tailored to your interests and style. They work with you to design the look and feel of your event, starting with a moodboard and the invitations you send out, to the table settings and finishing touches that bring an occasion together. 
roeni new york
new york
roeni new york

Whatever your event, Roeni think that you should give your guests something to talk about. Be daring, be different…..
roeni wedding
roeni key
wedding stationery roeni

What makes Roeni different?

You don't pick from a catalogue. Roeni bridges the gap between a design studio and the public. They like to devise concepts for people and design ranges that complement your vision of your event from the initial invitation, through to the table stationery, styling and then the thank you cards. 
roeni weddingroeni event styling
roeni wedding

I love that the designs are designed specifically for people and not repeated. Oh, and did I mention they don't just do weddings……nope they will style any occasion. Here's a recent 60th birthday event they styled with an Alice In Wonderland theme, prepare for your jaw to drop, it's pretty magnificent.

alice in wonderland
Mature, mysterious and surreal... This invitation features many elements from the Alice In Wonderland story. Like Alice, the recipient is invited to explore, eat, discover and unravel a curious invitation.
alice in wonderland roeni
 Original illustrations and excerpts sit within the event information. On the outside an ‘eat me’ tag with a keyhole, a sleeve that is removed to reveal the tea party, a deck of cards that spring out and a rich bar of dark chocolate sourced from a local chocolatier. The guest is left feeling curiouser and curiouser, something that Roeni was certain to continue during the event itself.
Huge balloons led the way up the woodland drive way to the event...
floating balloons greeted the guests...
roeni styling
A staircase leading to the door, featured stair rods & cups and saucers planted with begonias
alice in wonderland book
A huge book was placed by the doorway, playing with proportions
The entrance to the party... Guests opened the door to reveal the rabbit hole and a huge original illustration at the top of a staircase that led to the reception room. A champagne reception served in vintage cups and saucers.
A wall of printed bookshelves led the guests down the rabbit hole.... A table featuring clocks, a pocket watch and an antique copy of the story book was presented along with the 'drink me' potion.
Oversized bottles of colourful potions were placed around the room.
Roeni designed a lighting circuit and hung mismatched Victorian style lamp shades...
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party formed the centre piece in the room...
Vintage china, cake stands, flowers, candelabras, odd chairs formed the Tea Party.
Actors were hired to mingle with guests

This is only a glimpse of some of the amazing work Roeni produces. I would love for James Roe to design every single piece of stationery I will ever require as well as styling every party I may ever throw. 

To find out more about Roeni take a look at their website, their Facebook page or you can telephone them 01509 556026.

Teresa x

N.B  This is not a sponsored post, I genuinely am biggin' up this company because they are frickin' ace!