Monday, 27 May 2013

Healthy Treats - Sugar-Free Chocolate Energy Bites

While these Sugar-Free Chocolate Energy Bites may be one of my more healthy recipes, it is actually one of my most popular and definitely one of my best-loved.

Every Sunday evening, I will whip up a batch of these for lunch boxes, or for mid-afternoon slumps and post-workout treats. I also made a dozen for one of Teresa's weekly coffee mornings and,'s safe to say that they went down rather well.

With no added butter and sugar, these are a wonderful pick-me-up when you need that something sweet come 3pm. You know, the time of day where your eyes are drooping and your forehead is hitting the keyboard.

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The added bonus is that you can make these, start to finish, in around five minutes. There's no baking involved, no faff, no time wasted for setting. You just make them and eat!

It's up to you what you add (just chuck in whatever is in your cupboard!), but my favourites use chopped dates and apricots, and are enrobed with my special 3 Ingredient Chocolate

What will you add to yours?

Sam x


200g creamy peanut butter (I use natural)
2-3 tbsp honey or agave
2 tbsp coconut oil
100g rolled oats
4 tbsp flax seed

Added extras (all optional):
Handful raisins
Handful chopped dates / apricots
Handful sugar-free dark chocolate chips
Pinch of salt
Sprinkling of cinnamon
Splash vanilla extract

For the topping:
3 Ingredient Chocolate - click here for the recipe

sugar free energy


1) In the microwave, melt together the peanut butter, honey and coconut oil in 20 second blasts until combined (around one minute).

2) Stir the rolled oats and flax seed into the peanut butter mixture, then throw in your choice of added extras and mix well.

3) Roll the mixture into balls. If the mix is too sticky, then stir in more oats or flax.

4) If you want to roll the energy bites with homemade chocolate, then follow the recipe above and be prepared to get messy! However, they are just as delicious on their own, or rolled in cocoa powder.