Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bitten London - New Online Store

Over a year ago I came across a kickass home interiors blog called Bitten London and I immediately fell in love with it. So much so, I even wrote to other peeps telling them all about it and they too thought it was ace. Often I would save links to certain Bitten blogposts of wonderful decor ideas for me to drool over for future reference.

Bitten London was a blog full of some of the coolest home interior finds and many times I would look at my home thinking, if only it was a bit more…...Bitten.

Then, the answer to my dreams came true……


Because Bitten have only gone and launched their own online shop!

It is a brand spanking new online wonderland of statement and eclectic homewares ready to bite your home. BITTEN was created by interior stylist Fay Vowell (lovely lady who I chat with on Twitter @BittenLondon) out of the thinking that homes get that little bit more interesting when you start biting them with colour. Then that mixed through with a selection of textures and a touch of oddball glamour….and you will find gobsmackingly WOW pieces.

Patricia the Pineapple, £45
Show me the way wall arrows, £30
you horn
You Horn, £171
copper tray
Beaten copper tray, £60
coloured wineglasses
Coloured glass cut wine vessels, £75 for set of 6
goldplated cutlery
Gold plated cutlery, 24 piece £49
hippy plate, bowl
Hippy plate, set of 4 £48
Hippy bowls, set of 4 £29
knitted mugs
Granny chic, 4 knitted mugs £48
savoy teacups
Savoy cups & saucers, £48
fluoro cushion
Fluoro cross cushions, £69 each

And how many pieces have bitten you? I am totally smitten with Patricia the Pineapple and of course, in keeping with IAIT style - the fluoro cushions.

I love the fact that there is nothing dull about Bitten London and one thing we don't do here at IAIT is dullness. And oddball glamour? We heart.

Teresa x

NB.  We are not paid or sponsored to say nice things about Bitten London.