Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thursday Treats - 3 Ingredient Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars

As you all know, it's not very often that I post a healthy recipe on these pages. In fact, I don't know if I've ever done it before.

However, this recipe for 3 Ingredient Sugar-free Chocolate is pretty special. You see, not only is it sugar-free, dairy-free and brilliantly healthy (a blend of skin-boosting coconut oil, antioxidant-rich cocoa and honey), but it's also amazingly tasty. In fact, my hubby declared it "better than Green & Blacks," without even knowing it was good for him.

High praise indeed...

Rich, sumptuous and wonderfully chocolatey, I guarantee that these 3 Ingredient Chocolate Bars will curb any sweet cravings you may have.

sugar free chocolate
Peanut Butter Swirl Chocolate
sugar free recipe
Cherry Chocolate
Dark chocolate fans will absolutely adore a pure bar on its own, but I have also been mixing it with all kinds of toppings and fillings, from dried cherries to desiccated coconut and fruit and nuts. However, it's the homemade peanut butter chocolate bar which has come out as the clear winner - it was gone in literally seconds.

peanut butter chocolate

Enjoy your guilt-free treats! I'm busy detoxing myself, ready for an onslaught next week for hubby's birthday. I have a pretty special cake up my sleeve...

Sam x


8 tbsp coconut oil (I use Lucy Bee's Coconut oil, available to buy from here)
4-5 tbsp honey / agave / maple syrup (to taste)
40 - 50g unsweetened cocoa (to taste)

Optional extras: peanut butter (I used three tablespoons - two to stir in, one to create a marbled effect) / nuts and raisins / peppermint extract / dried cherries / Oreo chunks


coconut oil recipe

1) Melt the coconut oil in the microwave on high, then stir in 4 tbsp of the honey and mix to combine.

2) Sprinkle in 40g of the cocoa powder and stir, stir, stir. Keep on stirring for a few minutes and the mixture thickens slightly. Now, have a taste - if you want it sweeter, then add another tbsp of honey. More bitter and add the extra cocoa!

3) If you're adding in extras, do it now. For my favourite peanut butter bars, stir in two tablespoons of peanut butter and mix in a handful of roasted peanuts. I find that dried cherries also work brilliantly!

4) Pour the chocolate into a lined tin or chocolate mould (I use a loaf tin as I find that it creates a a great chocolate bar shape) and place in the freezer to set. Enjoy!

P.S Coconut oil melts at room temperature, so be sure to store these in the fridge...if they last that long!