Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Styling Younger Children For A Wedding

Styling the little ones for your special day is easier said than done. I can remember that finding my two little bridesmaids a dress which I loved took some considerable time. Ideally if they had been younger then I would have had them dressed in a super cute fluffy tulle flowergirl gown. Always has been my favourite choice for little girls. But I was choosing for two 10 year olds and there were a lot of dresses for their age group which I thought were revolting.

Thankfully the high street came to my rescue and Monsoon was my saviour. I still love the dresses my two bridesmaids wore and I cannot believe I managed to find exactly what I wanted from the high street without having to part with £100s at a bridal boutique.


I have taken a look at what the high street has to offer for our little ones and here's some of my favourite picks:

bridesmaid dress
John Lewis Girl Lace Dress, £60-65

Now, I also had two boys to buy outfits for and that was even more difficult. The frustration would be that many of the high street stores such as Marks & Spencer and Next never had any stock in and it could not be ordered online either. I finally found what I was looking for - two slim fit suits - at BHS of all places. However, I did have a nightmare trying to get each jacket and trouser. I had to travel to MerryHill in Dudley, Coventry city centre, Fosse Park at Leicester and Birmingham city centre to purchase each item which I had reserved. And don't even get me started in trying to find a tie for them. Thankfully, I found a great ebay shop which supplied ties of all sizes and colours.

If I was to choose again I would buy a plain white shirt, slimfit trousers, some braces and a pair of Converse pumps. Take a look at these pics of very handsome boys, the big cute factor has to be the braces….

Here's a shocker, I have spent the last few hours trying to find a high street store which had a lovely boys outfit I could put together and share with you. Unfortunately, I couldn't. It would seem you will have to spend hours traipsing around the high street and on the internet to find the exact items you require. Unless you want to go down the suit hire route then I would keep it simple, buy a white shirt, slim trouser and some cool Converse. If you can find a bowtie then go for it! 

Teresa x