Monday, 11 February 2013

Getting my Detox on With Organic Burst

Ever since Christmas, I’ve found myself sliding into a caffeine black hole. The enormity of how my life has changed within the space of just one year slowly started to creep up on me…and it HURT.

For a while, caffeine was all that could get me through. In fact, I was consuming vats of the stuff, and my morning routine went something like this – make coffee, online shop, make cup of tea, feed baby, make coffee, play with baby, exercise, make tea…

Not good, right?

So, I called a detox. A BIG detox.

Gone was the coffee and tea, and in came water and green tea. Even my milk got switched in favour of almond milk.

It helped, but I wanted more. So, after a little digging, I stumbled across the wonderful, award-winning Organic Burst. The site offers some amazing supplements, all of which help support your body in a more natural way.

After mulling for some time (and chatting to the wonderful Buff Beauty and Beauty Shortlist), I went ahead and ordered some Wheatgrass Powder and Maca. And the results? I couldn’t be happier…

Sam x

Wheatgrass Powder

I’d never heard of this little miracle before, but after a few weeks I’m already a devotee. I just mix it in with some water first thing in the morning and drink up – although it’s lurid green, it tastes surprisingly nice! Kind of like green tea.

Anyway, within a few days of taking this, I started to see results. My skin glowed, even first thing in the morning, and I felt less sluggish and bloated. Completely re-energised, in fact.

And unbeknown to me, humans have been consuming wheatgrass for over 5000 years. Why? Just check out these benefits…

Detoxifies and cleanses. Wheatgrass powder helps you purify and remove toxins.

Alkalizes. Due to its high content of chlorophyll and minerals, wheatgrass powder gently balances and alkalizes.

Healthy skin, hair and nails. Wheatgrass powder is high in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, antioxidants and is a good source of essential fatty acids.

Strengthens the immune system. Chlorophyll and Vitamins A, C and E in wheatgrass powder support the immune system.

Weight loss.  Chlorophyll in wheatgrass works on a deep level to remove toxins while eliminating excess acidity in the body.

Boosts energy. Wheatgrass powder is high in vitamins, energy-metabolising minerals and enzymes to help with energy levels in the body.

Want in on that? Of course you do! It costs £6.69 and is available here.


I’ve been eating this nifty little powder in my homemade protein bars (more on that another day!), but it has a slight earthy, almost caramel taste to it, so it also works brilliantly in protein shakes, almond milk or stirred into my porridge with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

According to legend, maca powder was taken by Inca warriors before going into battle to increase their strength, stamina and endurance – exactly what I need!

And does it work? Well, since I started taking it, I’ve found mid-afternoon energy slumps to be a thing of the past. This means no more temptation to reach for the biscuit barrel…

It also promises to:

Stabilise hormone levels. Its helps normalize our steroid hormones like testosterone, progesterone and oestrogen.

Ease PMS/Menopausal Discomfort. Studies show that women taking maca had substantial reduction of PMS symptoms and menopausal discomfort

Boost sexual health. Maca powder has been shown to boost sexual desire in both men and women without any adverse effects on sexual hormones. Studies also confirmed sperm count and motility were improved in men taking maca powder.

Fab, right?

Get your Maca hit for £5.99 by clicking here.