Tuesday, 5 February 2013

It's About Time You Wore A Watch

Why do I not wear a watch anymore? I actually haven't liked any watches which have been for sale in the shops over the last ten years. They were just a bit too tacky for my liking, either blingy, totally over the top with bits dangling off them and quite honestly not very stylish whatsoever.

For the last decade I have looked at my phone to find out the time which is a real shame because why can't I find a watch which is worth wearing?

Thankfully, as the androgynous trend takes over the high street, our jewellery is following suit. Of course, if you still want an over-embellished watch then they are still available but if like me you want something normal, plain and stylish then here's some great finds.

By the way, a few of the watches below are from the men's section, yep, I want to wear a man's watch. Big, fat and round please!

Teresa xx

marc jacobs watch
Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Leather Strap Watch with Silver Face, £150
michael kors watch
Michael Kors Cream and Gold Chronograph Watch, £229
casio watch
Mini Casio Silver Face Watch, £40
may 28th watch
May 28th Graphic Watch, £35
square face watch
Small Square Face Watch, £22
michael kors
Michael Kors Gold and Tortoiseshell Chronograph Watch, £229
oasis watch
Oasis Round Dial Bracelet Watch, £40
nixon watch
Nixon Spencer Watch Grand Prix, £240
asos watch
Leopard Back Strap Watch, £20
plait strap watch
Plait Strap Watch, £25
rose gold watch
Rose Gold-Plated Marc Jacobs Watch, £185
uniform wares
Uniform Wares 100 Series Wristwatch, £120