Saturday, 21 December 2013

Decorating Your Home on a Budget

Teresa and I are big, big fans of interior design. In fact, it's one of the first things we bonded on

However, since having a baby last year, I've become reluctant to spend money on my home. Why? Well, anyone who has spent any time with any child will know only too well the chaos and utter devastation they can wreak on homes.

My TV is constantly smudged with dribble (Zayn likes nothing more than to kiss pretty female TV presenters) and hand prints. My rug has been cleaned and cleansed to oblivion, but will always whiff a little of baby sick. And my beautiful dove grey sofas are hazards in themselves - whoever thought it was a good idea to introduce babies to blueberries are insane.

It's safe to say that I'd neglected the house a little of late. Everything looks a little dull and a little drab. I'd stopped being house proud.

Anyway, you can imagine how pleased I am when Matalan offered to send me some of their fabulous homeware stock to try out and review. Now, Matalan isn't somewhere I'd ever considered homeware shopping before, but I really don't know why...not only is the stuff utterly lovely (seriously!) and great quality, but it's also all a complete bargain too.

Matalan homeware

I'm a huge fan of the shabby chic look and have a retro-style shaker kitchen, so I fell head over heels with these cool tea and coffee canisters. They look fab on my kitchen dresser and are an utter bargain at just £6 each.

Although hubby hates them (what is it with men and cushions?), I love cushions and throws for sprucing up a room in a cheap and easy way. Matalan have some absolutely gorgeous picks, but I loved the fair isle print on this design in particular.

Matalan throw

The throw they sent me (which comes in a huge assortment of colours and prints) is also wonderfully soft and snuggly - I can't resist hiding beneath it after a long, hard day! And, it has to be said, Zayn is loving cuddling into it with me too. But how cute is this snow leopard hooded baby blanket for newborns?

Matalan ceramic mixing bowl

Unbeknown to me, Matalan also have some gorgeous cooking and baking products, such as these ceramic bowls. In such a chic shade of grey, they look gorgeous sat on my island, but they won't break the bank at just £6 each - a no-brainer really, right?

Oh, and if you love a spot of festive fun (don't we all?) then be sure to check out Matalan's cracking Christmas range. Full of cheesy, yet utterly adorable festive bits and pieces, they're perfect for letting your inner Mrs Claus go wild...

Honestly, how had I not discovered the sheer brilliance of Matalan homeware before now? Have you ordered anything from there before?

Sam x