Friday, 20 December 2013

We Are Into THIS: Love Raw Energy Bars

At this time of the year, I always seem to crash. Spectacularly crash.

Long gone are the days where I bound out of the bed (HOW can you leap out of bed to dark skies and terminal drizzle?) with a smile on my face, and the afternoons where I stay full of energy drift into a distant memory.

I think by the time Christmas comes round, most people are at an energy low. All good intentions of hitting the gym slide into oblivion, and you automatically start reaching for sugary treats and quick, unhealthy fixes.

However, if this sounds like you, then I have just the solution. Hurrah!

Love Raw bars

Put down the Snickers bars and the Twixes and instead order yourself a sackful of these Love Raw bars.  Coming in an array of flavours (Coconut and Chia, Apricot and Camu Camu, Rosehip and Lemon and Cacao and Maca), these delicious little bars are the perfect energy booster for the festive season.

I'd also urge you to eat raw wherever you can right now. Why? Well, it's been shown that enjoying a raw diet can boost the nutrients you consume when eating certain foods. To get a whole variety of vitamins and minerals, and to send your energy levels soaring, you should be enjoying a raw diet wherever you can.

Of course, when raw food can be as delicious as Love Raw, that's pretty easy.

While I was sent a range of bars to try, my pick of the bunch had to be the Rosehip and Lemon. Rosehip is a fantastic source of vitamin C (in fact, it contains 60% more than citrus fruits), and acts as a powerful antioxidant. Perfect for this flu-ravaging time of year, it also happens to be a fantastic skin healer.

However, my love for this bar had nothing to do with health. Instead, it had everything to do with the fact that it tasted utterly delicious. Just like a lemon and poppyseed muffin, in fact! Washed down with a cup of green tea and coconut oil, this was an energy-boosting dream.

So, if like me, you want a bit of a healthy boost this Christmas, get clicking and order yourself some of these Love Raw bars. Costing £29.88 for a box of 12, you won't regret it...

Sam x