Saturday, 17 August 2013

NOT Into This - 10 Top Moans About Make-Up

1.   Buying the perfect colour of nail polish you have seen in a long time and when it comes to applying the first coat the colour is so faint you have to apply 7 coats just to get your nails to look remotely like the shade of the actual polish in the bottle.

2.   Spending a fortune on every mascara there is to then realise your eyelashes just ain't nothing like they used to be. No one told me your eyelashes deteriorate as you get older. I want my long thick lashes back please!

3.   People who keep makeup for years, yuck! It's disgusting to use mouldy make-up on your face. I have seen some ghastly make-up bags in my time. Don't people realise all beauty products go off after a certain length of time? Please replenish your make-up when the "once opened will last 6 months" time is up.

4.   I cannot get my head around how you can apply make-up so thickly and believe you look nice when you look in the mirror. And how long does it take to apply so much foundation and mascara? And how many applications do you get out of one bottle of foundation, three?

5.   I'm a sucker when it comes to a new product hitting the beauty shelves. Why do I believe the advertising hype every single time?

6.   Always buy the correct brushes and applicators for your make-up. You can't apply eyeshadow with your fingers and then just leave it smeared on your lids so heavily. Have people never heard of blending?

7.  Oh, the art of applying liquid/gel liners to get a sexy flick on your eye. I always get wobbly lines and no matter how many times I try I can never achieve the perfect lined flick. I am in complete adoration for those of you who are able to do this so perfectly. You must have attended a beauty lesson which I never knew about.

8.   Another foundation/tinted moisturiser gripe I have is ladies who clearly wear the wrong shade for their skin. It's always too dark for your porcelain palette - the tide mark around your jawline is a dead giveaway.

make-up mistakes

9.   I am a great believer in the eyebrow being the feature which pulls a look together, so why do some ladies apply brow pencil/shadows which appear like you've used a black marker pen? Leave it to the drag queens.

10.  Price of make-up. I have tried all types of makeup, from Constance Carroll to Chanel during my many years of loitering the beauty counters. I still cannot decide if paying the extortionate prices for make-up is the best way to go. What does a £70 designer foundation do better than your high street version for £10? Answers on a postcard please.

I would love to hear the mishaps you have had with make-up; I can't be the only one who has committed some disastrous beauty crimes.

Hope you are having a fab weekend.

Teresa x