Sunday, 18 August 2013

I Am Into This Weekly - What's Been Happening?

Hello lovelies, hope you are having a wonderful weekend dodging the spells of rain and enjoying the momentary sunshine. 

We have had a glorious week here at I Am Into This and we have been extremely busy behind the scenes - coffee has been our main source of energy and quite rightly biscuits have been there for extra support (comfort) too.  

If you missed anything then don't worry here's a quick recap of everything that's been happening on these pages over the last seven days. So, grab yourselves a cuppa and a bacon sandwich and enjoy looking through everything we have been talking about on the blog this week.


We kicked off the week with our latest skin miracle - Collagen Shots. The hype around this product is every bit true. Teresa was talking to a lady last month who had had a baby 5 weeks earlier and her skin was amazing. When the lady revealed she was 36 years old her jaw dropped to the floor. Teresa was quite adamant the beautiful woman didn't look a day over 25. True story.

Sam is the Queen of pencil skirts! Have you seen a pic of her wearing one? She looks amazing with her super toned abs, slim waist and envious hourglass figure. Her latest must-have is a white pencil skirt and she picked you her favourite ones to buy.

Our regular Saintly Tuesday post this week was for Chocolate Avocado Protein Mousse, it tastes divine. You must try it!

Alex Bifulco graced our pages on Tuesday with her take on irony. She made a good point, right?

Wednesday was Wedding Wednesday at IAIT and this week is was all about hats for attending a special occasion. Teresa searched every corner of the high street to find her top picks of Hats To Wear To A Wedding.

Later on Wednesday Sam shared with you her latest luxury discovery to unwind - Jardins D'Eden Bath Soaks - this stuff will have you de-stressed and feeling fully relaxed within no time.

Thursdays are for sinning and with Sam's latest indulgent recipe you will be committing one heck of a calorific crime, but who cares, the naughtiness is always the nicest bit. Check out her Sinner Thursday recipe for Honey Buttermilk Cake With Peanut Butter and Chocolate Crumble, you won't regret it.

We do love kick-ass arm candy and we found a cracking Jewelled Perspex Cuff from ASOS. Everyone needs a bit of sparkle adorning their arms and wrists.

Of course, Friday is all about shopping and Teresa put together a legendary High Street Hitlist. And this week we had over 75 top picks for you to swoon over. Which item did you buy? Our favourite items were the the mustard coat from Zara and the slinky sexy back dress from Topshop.

Saturday Teresa had a good old moan for her NOT INTO THIS post, this week she turned to the world of make-up and why certain products bother her so much. We heard some great make-up disaster stories from our readers via Twitter.

Hope you are having a splendid weekend.

Teresa & Sam xx