Sunday, 13 January 2013

NOT Into This - Angry PC Users

I am not sure what you call these people but once I list the terrible crimes they commit with computers you will soon understand who I mean:

1.      They think pressing a button on the keyboard twice as hard will make it work much quicker and
         it will do as it is told.

2.      They open umpteen windows and only use one of them.

3.      When the screen has an error message appear they get angry at the 'dumb' computer because it is
         playing up. Of course, the error message didn't appear due to the person's incompetence.
         Hell no!

4.      They will keep clicking their selection on the screen thinking it will make the computer work
         faster. It doesn't, thicko!

5.      If the computer starts throwing a wobbly then they use their most trusted friends - CTRL, ALT
         and DELETE.

6.      If the computer is still not complying then they simply switch it off at the plug.

7.      If they use your computer they will never close it down properly so you are faced with the error
         message when you next log in.

8.      They often shout at the computer screen because it simply won't compute. You will hear
         them saying "It worked the last time I did it!" or "What's up with the damned thing?"

9.      If their computer gets a virus it will always be someone else's fault, never their own.

10.    Those egg timers or little clocks that appear on your screen are there for a reason - they mean
         PLEASE WAIT!!

What these people fail to realise is that us other folk do not encounter any of these issues with our personal computers. Maybe it is time you started to listening to us when we tell you to stop clicking your mouse incessantly when the computer isn't doing as you want it to do.

Anyone else get annoyed with these peeps when they use your computer?

Teresa x