Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Do You Know Where Your Atlas Bone Is?

You know when you hear the expression '….such a pain in the neck', well how about getting it fixed, literally!

Did you know the atlas bone in your neck may be misaligned and it can cause many implications, such as recurring headaches/migraines, neck pain, back pain, jammed spinal nerves, difference in leg lengths, etc? Or like me, you've never heard of the atlas bone.

Just before Christmas I was invited to Harley Street in London to attend an appointment at The Atlas Clinic. I'm not one for getting overly excited but I was really looking forward to attending this appointment because I have so many problems with my neck, my posture and consequently suffer a lot with backache.

Now, you'd think seeing as I was going to be meeting a top notch qualified osteopath (Mr Matthew Voigts) I would have dressed appropriately. But I didn't, I waltzed in to the Harley Street clinic in a pair of heels after walking (with a bit of hurried jogging because I was running a bit late) all the way from Euston train station.

I turn up feeling rather flushed and definitely a bit sweaty after my 'oops-I'm-going-to-be-late' pathetic jog in my heeled boots. Probably not my finest moment.

I digress.

I wasn't too sure what to expect, I had read all the information on the website which explained where the atlas bone is in your neck and how its position is very crucial to your wellbeing. Seriously, go and read the more elaborate explanation regarding the atlas bone, it's shocking to think so many of us are suffering due to the misalignment of this bone and we don't have a clue.

Take a look at this short video which will give you an idea of whereabouts your atlas bone is and how it's position is crucial to your physical and mental health.

My appointment was for 45 minutes but most of this time was spent learning about the atlas bone and what it actually does. We then discussed my personal health history and I rattled on about all my aches and pains (I have a long list like any other woman.)

Then it was time to start the procedure. Firstly, Matthew measured my height and then used this spirit level gadget which he placed securely onto my pelvis and my shoulders. It turns out my right hip was higher than my left hip and my left shoulder was higher than my right shoulder.

My body was compensating for the misaligned atlas bone by changing the position of my shoulders and hips. It was no surprise to me that my atlas bone was misaligned, it most likely occurred when I was in my mother's womb with my twin sister directly on top of me. It couldn't have done much for my neck having to support her 6lbs and 5ozs whilst I was lying headfirst ready to come out.

Matthew then asked me to lie on my front on the bed and Matthew held my ankles whilst giving my legs a gentle pull and a little wiggle. He then informed me my legs were not the same length which of course they wouldn't be when my hips were also out of line with one another.

After Matthew had done these checks he then performed the non-chiropratic procedure with a handheld device which pummelled my neck muscles. He started on the right side of my neck and what seemed only a matter of minutes was then pummelling the left side of my neck. And that was it - done! It didn't hurt, it wasn't uncomfortable at any point and it only took about ten minutes.

Matthew then checked my height and I had only gained 1cm - apparently other patients' heights are increased considerably more than mine, but hey I don't mind, a centimetre is still a centimetre. He then pulls out his measuring device which then states my shoulders are perfectly symmetrical and so are my hips.

I started to feel the benefits almost immediately: my peripheral vision had considerably improved, my posture was a whole lot better and I felt utterly overwhelmed. I actually felt a surge of emotions and had never experienced anything like this before. I was so elated and overjoyed I could feel tears coming to my eyes; it was an incredible experience.

I left The Atlas Clinic and made my way toward Covent Garden, I walked the whole way there with a big grin on my face. I kept looking at my reflection in shop windows, yep my shoulders were back and no longer rounded over. I also knew I was walking differently because I could feel my outer thigh muscle working, the alignment of my pelvis and my leg length now being identical meant I would be working different muscles.

Now, before you think this is too good to be true, yeah I had to pinch myself too. I am a cynical person and I didn't think The Atlas Clinic would cure me of my ailments but my immediate physical reaction was one of sheer relief.

The following day my neck did feel a little sore, those muscles had received quite a pummelling and were feeling somewhat tender. It wasn't that bad though because I still managed to walk around London for the whole day and not return to my hotel until 10 o'clock that night.

I am now three weeks down the line after having my atlas bone realigned and I have felt a few niggles in my back and in my neck but it can take a few months for everything to settle down. As you can imagine, my body is now working with a new aligned neck, spine and pelvis so it will need to adjust itself accordingly.

This miracle procedure costs £160 or if your atlas bone is not misaligned and therefore no work needs to be carried out, then the appointment will be free of charge. Matthew Voigts is the only qualified osteopath in the UK who has been educated and certified by the Atlas Academy® in Switzerland. If you are interested then take a look at The Atlas Clinic website and book yourself an appointment.

Teresa x