Wednesday, 27 May 2015

You Cannot Beat This Nail Polish

It is not often we feature a nail polish, we know what we like, right?!

  • A good nail brush to apply the polish with
  • A strong colour which does not need a minimum of four applications before you can see a hint of it
  • Quick drying
  • A shiny finish
  • Not too expensive

It's not too much to ask for, is it?

Well, yes it seems as though it is. How many times have you purchased a nail polish because you love the colour and when you try it for the first time the brush is too skinny and the colour is so sheer it looks nothing like it does in the bottle? Probably, too many times. I hate being conned yet again by a bottle of nail polish.

I wish the shops had tester bottles of nail polishes, it would make it so much easier. Although, they would have to provide nail polish remover too or we could end up with ten different coloured nails in our hunt for finding the right one to buy.

Thankfully, I have discovered Diego Dalla Palma nail polishes, which I had never tried before, do the job perfectly!  This brand is sold at Marks & Spencer, not a shop I would normally go to for beauty products, but I will be going there from now on!

diego dalla palma nail review
Priced at £9.50

It ticks all of my nail polish boxes. And what do I love the most about this range? It dries incredibly quickly. This is so important because I am one of those silly people who decides to paint her nails five minutes before leaving the house and then has to get into the car carefully not knocking my nails.

nail base filler, smoothing nail filler, nail filler,
Smoothing base filler, £9.50

I have tried the smoothing base filler and it certainly does the job on my not-so-perfect nails. Due to the fact it dries so quickly I can apply the nail colour very soon after. I love it!

There are some fab colours in the Diego Dalla Palma collection, here are the ones I am loving right now:

coral nail polish 2015 best, review coral nail polish,
orange nail polish, best orange nail polish,
best pale pink nail polish, pale pink nail polish,
Pale pink
blackberry nail polish, dark brown nail polish,
plum nail polish, diego dalla palma nail polish, marks spencer nail polish,
geranium nail polsih,
peach rose nail polish,
Peach Rose

All of these colours are fantastic shades for your fingers and toes this summer. At £9.50 each they are a lot cheaper than some of the other go-to nail polish brands; especially at the moment because there is a special offer at Marks & Spencer on these nail polishes. You would be crazy to not treat yourself to a couple of their 24 nail colours.