Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Chocolate Mocha Protein Cheesecake

I don't really need to say much to sum this cheesecake up.

Chocolate and coffee are one of my favourite flavour combinations, so when Sci-Tec Direct sent me their Chocolate Mocha flavour protein to try, I knew exactly what I had to whip up.

Protein Cheesecake

Free from refined sugars and full of creamy, indulgent, chocolatey goodness, this is the perfect guilt-free protein cheesecake. It also happens to be ridiculously simple to whip up (around 10 minutes), so it's an easy dessert to make for even the most time-pressed, manic of people.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Sam x

P.S For a vegan or dairy-free option, use soaked cashew nuts instead of Quark and cream cheese to create your cheesecake.


Chocolate Mocha Protein Cheesecake


For the base:
1 pack Freeist sugar-free biscuits, chopped (I used coconut)
1 cup ground almonds
4 tbsp melted Lucy Bee coconut oil
2 tbsp honey

For the filling:
250g extra light cream cheese
250g Quark
6 tbsp Meridian cashew butter
3-4 sachets Natvia
1.5 tbsp Creative Nature cacao
1.5 tsp Littles chocolate coffee granules, dissolved in hot water.
2 scoops Sci-Tec Chocolate Mocha Protein
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 drops Capellas chocolate fudge drops


1) Create the base by blending together the ingredients until combined and sticking together. If the mix feels too wet, add more biscuit or almond. Too dry, add more honey or coconut oil. Press down into the bottom of a springform cake tin, then place in the fridge to set.

2) In the meantime, blend together the ingredients (1 tbsp of the coffee mixture total) until smooth. Stop to taste - if you want it sweeter, add a touch more stevia. Then, pour over the base and place in the freezer to set. Serve with frozen berries and a drizzle of dark chocolate.