Thursday, 6 February 2014

Healthy Lunches On the Go - Soulful Food Pots

While I'm a huge believer in making your own food wherever and whenever you can, sometimes (on my most exhausted of days) I'll find myself craving something that's just a little bit easy and a little bit fast. Something you can bung into the microwave and forget all about.

I can't be the only one, can I?

Thankfully, these delicious and award-winning Soulful One Pots combine the convenience of a ready meal with the goodness of a home cooked meal - and with none of the added nasties.

Coming in an array of five mouthwatering flavours, these clever and wholesome little pots are all lovingly handmade by a team of chefs. Using honest and nutritious ingredients, they are packed with super grains such as black barley and spelt, as well as raw superfoods such as kelp noodles to get you through the day. Each pot also works to give you 2 of your 5 a day.

Soulful One Pot

My absolute favourite pot was the delicious Pulled Beef Chilli, which is made with Devon-reared beef, then slow cooked until tender. It's then packed out with healthy black barley (which not only helps to alleviate diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity, but also reduce food cravings, is anti carcinogenic and helps fight rheumatoid arthritis) and fresh market veggies - what more could you want from your meal?

Available from Soulful's website for £3.49 each, or via Ocado and at Whole Foods across the country, I will definitely be snapping more of these up - delicious, hearty, comforting and healthy. My perfect meal in a pot!

Sam x