Thursday, 30 January 2014

Easy Rocky Road Fudge

Nothing quite beats Rocky Road for a simple, easy-to-make treat. Packed with crunchy biscuit, chewy marshmallow, juicy raisins and lashings of chocolate, it's pretty much impossible to go wrong, right?

Last weekend, I was thinking of twists on the classic Rocky Road (if you haven't tried it before, then you MUST make this Snickers Rocky Road), but then I decided to make it slightly more decadent, and even more delicious, by turning it into this Easy Rocky Road Fudge.

Rocky Road Fudge recipe

I can never be bothered to faff about with thermometers when I'm baking, so I love making easy fudge (love peanut butter? You MUST try this version!) with sweetened condensed milk - it's genius! All you need to do is bung your ingredients in the microwave, give it a quick stir, and you're done. Voila - tasty, delicious fudge in seconds.

This Easy Rocky Road Fudge turned out to be such a success that I'm planning on making even more this weekend, except perhaps with white chocolate and pistachios and cherries instead. Or maybe a Snickers twist...hmm.

Anyway, this is a perfect one to bake with the kids, if you need to keep them entertained over a drizzly winter's weekend.

Sam x


Easy fudge recipes

500g good quality milk chocolate
400g sweetened condensed milk
60g butter
Two handfuls mini marshmallows
Two handfuls raisins
7 digestive or rich tea biscuits, chopped


1) Line a brownie tin with baking paper or foil. Next, place the milk chocolate, condensed milk and butter in the microwave and heat (stirring every 30 seconds) until smooth.

2) Fold in the marshmallows, raisins and biscuits, then pour into the brownie tin. Allow to set, then cut into squares and enjoy.