Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Healthy Recipe Ideas for Winter

With the cold, dark nights often an excuse from gorging on mince pies and stodgy meals, throwing together dinner can be a bit of a challenge. If, like us, you struggle for healthy recipe inspiration over the winter, then read on!

This post - brought to you in conjunction with Argos - has plenty of ideas which we will be cooking up soon. We are loving the sound of the burgers in particular!

Sam and Teresa x


One of the worst things about winter is leaving work when it’s already dark; it makes the evenings seem so much shorter when it’s cold, wet and pitch black out! So, you don’t want to waste too much time making a good hearty meal to fortify you against the chill: you want something that’s quick, easy and filling.

Well, where there’s a food processor or a blender, there’s a way. You’ll find great chopping options from Kenwood at Argos as well as some fancy Breville blenders with a myriad of attachments, guaranteed to make cooking fast and free of fuss. Chuck it in the bowl, whizz it up and eat; what could be simpler?

Below are a few suggestions on what you could make with your new toy – they all have a prep and cook time of around forty minutes, they’re low on clean up and what’s more, they’re pretty healthy! Bon appetite…

1. Making Burgers with your Food Processor

homemade burger

Start by throwing an onion into the processor, chopping it finely. Then, add about one slice-worth of bread (the staler the better). Once you’ve got a crumb-y, oniony mixture, add a pack of mince, an egg and some seasoning, and blend together thoroughly. Now you’re ready to shape about four patties and fry, oven bake or grill them.

Top tip: you can also use this mix to create meatballs! Shape them with your hands and fry them until light brown all over, then add a tin of tomato and seasoning. As the sauce reduces, it’ll cook the meatballs the whole way through.

2. One-ingredient Ice-cream

one ingredient ice cream

This recipe did the round on Pinterest recently – it seems unbelievable, but it works surprisingly well! First, pop a couple of overripe bananas in the freezer. If you fancy a sweet pudding, you can pull them out and blend them until they create a creamy, solid ice-cream like substance that’s delicious with chopped almonds.

Top tip: other frozen fruits can make delicious morning smoothies. Check out Jamie Oliver’s recipes here.

3. Herby Bulgar Wheat

One of the most arduous things about cooking with herbs is all the chopping…Which obviously isn’t a problem if you have a decent food processor to hand! For delicious herby bulgar wheat or couscous, throw a handful of mint and a handful of coriander into a processor with half a red chilli, two spring onions, the juice and zest of one lime and a dash of soy sauce. Mix with cooked bulgar wheat and voila, a delicious side for your chicken or kebab dish.