Saturday, 16 November 2013

What Do YOU Buy For A Man At Christmas?

Every year I am left absolutely stumped what to buy my Dad for Christmas, not to mention his birthday a month later. Ugh!

You see, what I don't understand is why our high street retailers seem to think men would like to receive any of the following:

Hip flask.
Novelty cufflinks.
Whisky tasting set.
A mug.
Silver rugby ball book ends (this is no joke - they are for sale at a very popular department store for £83.95).
A tankard.
And anything to do with beer….

beer iPhone case
An iPhone case which is all yours for £20. 

The unwanted choice is endless. I mean, please name me a man who would like to receive any of the above items? I don't know of any. 

Why do all the big named department stores assume every man must love golf, rugby or football and will therefore require some sort of novelty gift to cement his passion for a sport? I seriously don't get it.

Neither my husband or my dad would like to receive any of these tacky gifts and without the high street stores steering me into a direction of what to buy for our male relations it really is a difficult task to choose them a gift. 

Last year it was so terrible I ended up not buying my dad anything and handed him the money instead, how slack is that? I felt awful. He must have thought I hadn't given him a thought or even tried to choose him something, when the real truth is, I spent many hours searching online and traipsing around the shops in hot pursuit for the perfect gift, all to no avail. 

I dread having to buy him something because it's so ruddy difficult. 

The only past-time my father has is his allotment which he and my mum devote most of their spare time to. And like most parents, they already have everything they need to grow fruits and vegetables so yet again I am back to square one trying to think of a gift idea. 

Over the years I have bought him some designer long socks for him to wear with his wellington boots, a pair of wellington boots, CDs, DVDs (I have spied Michael McIntyre is still in its cellophane and never been watched), jumpers and top notch products for him to care for his pride of joy - the car. 

Other than the wellington boots, I know full well my dad has never made use nor worn any of the presents I have given him. It's not because he doesn't like what I choose but more of the fact, he has everything already. You only have to open his wardrobe to find unopened shirts still in their packets, shoes still in their boxes and you will defiintely struggle to make a gap between the items hanging because he has so many clothes. He loves his clothes. And he loves shopping too. Yes, he is a rare find, a man who loves to shop! 

I inherited my passion for fashion and shopping from my dad not my mum, yes, how unlikely is that?! 

My dad loves the finer things in life and his biggest joy is spending time abroad twice a year with my mum in some fancy exotic location for 2-3 weeks discovering everything that country has to offer in way of history, delicacies and a perfect beach with cocktail in his hand. Lucky sods! Now, how can I buy him something for his holidays? He will have all the clothes and accessories a man (or woman) could ever wish for.

Men are pains in our curvaceous backsides when it comes to buying gifts for, don't you agree?

Teresa x