Wednesday, 23 October 2013

What Would You Pack For The Holiday Of A Lifetime?

There's no doubt about it. I NEED a holiday!

After missing my holiday with my husband and children earlier in Summer (stupid spinal injury) I have been dreaming of getting away to somewhere beautiful, relaxing and a real retreat!

My parents go on exotic holidays every year and I asked them where their favourite destination had been, where's the best beaches and where was the most thrilling. They both simultaneously said Africa. With this in mind I have been researching where I would love to go for a much needed break of sun, sea and sand. Now, yes most people would happily go to Spain, yep I've been there lots of times but I really fancy somewhere of interest, somewhere fascinating, somewhere stunning.

It wasn't long before I came across Sanctuary Retreats who deliver a fantastic portfolio of luxury safari lodges. Within seconds of looking on their website I knew Tanzania was the perfect place to be.

I quickly fell in love with the Saadani safari lodge which is set on the magnificent coast. Just imagine waking up in this suite everyday….

tanzania holiday

and lazing on the beach at sunset….

beach hammock

But like any woman, I then started to think about what I would need for this indulgent holiday of luxury besides a good book, iPod and swimsuit. It's not like a normal holiday abroad, this is one of discovery and viewing animals in their natural habitats, so I'd certainly need to be appropriately equipped.

So, I spent an afternoon compiling a virtual suitcase pinning clothing, sandals and other essentials for this trip of a lifetime.

Firstly I looked at the essentials…

If I had a bottomless purse of money - girl can dream - then I would pay for the best clothing to take with me. Here's what I'd wear for the poolside and beach….

In the African heat you would need something light and cool to wear so what's better than a slinky cami - you can wear them again when you get home under a blazer for work.

One thing you won't be able to wear in the hot temperatures are you favourite skinny jeans, so here's a collection of what to wear on your bottom half, yet still look and feel cool….

If the temperature drops or you have caught too much sun then it's best to pack something to cover up your shoulders….

In the evenings when going for your meal then you will need a pretty frock to wear, I have found these perfect beauties to fit in your suitcase…

One thing is for sure, when holidaying in Tanzania then you're going to need some super duper beauty products in your case….

Can you think of anything else I would need? Maybe a one-way ticket, now that would be excellent!

Teresa x