Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sinner Thursdays - 3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies With Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

While I love baking, sometimes I just can't be bothered with the hassle. The weighing and measuring out, the bringing ingredients to room temperature, the cleaning of the mixing know, the whole kerfuffle which comes with whipping up homemade treats.

My favourite discovery is 3 Ingredient baking. Super fast to bake and absolutely delicious, there are so many recipes out there to try - and I guarantee you already have most of the ingredients in your cupboard.

These 3 Ingredient Nutella Brownie Bites are a step up from these cookies.  Quick, easy and deliciously fudgy and gooey, they're just how a brownie should be, only with none of the fuss.

3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies

Made using only Nutella (the fat and sugar already in shop-bought Nutella means you don't need to worry about adding butter and sweeteners), flour and eggs, you don't need to rush out to the supermarket and spend a fortune on ingredients. In fact, these brownies cost me less than £2 to make.

Although you can eat them on their own (I recommend fresh and warm, straight from the oven), I topped these with a delicious Orange Cream Cheese Frosting. You know, just because I could.

Have you got any easy baking recipes for me to try?

Sam x

P.S If you're a fellow Nutella addict (and if you're not, why are you on this blog?!) then check out my other Nutella recipes at the bottom of this page.


Nutella Brownies

280g Nutella or chocolate hazelnut spread
10 tbsp plain flour
2 eggs, at room temperature

For the frosting:
300g full-fat cream cheese, at room temperature
100g icing sugar
Zest one large orange
1 tbsp fresh orange juice


1) Preheat the oven to 180C, then get started with the brownies by mixing together the eggs, flour and Nutella until smooth. Pour into a muffin tray lined with silicone cases, then bake for 20-25 minutes (I like to leave mine slightly gooey, but it's up to you)

2) Remove the brownies from the oven, then leave to cool. In the meantime, make the frosting by beating together all of the ingredients until smooth, creamy and fluffy. Once the brownies have cooled, spread the frosting over each, then decorate with a little extra zest if desired.

Orange Cream Cheese Frosting

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