Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Saintly Tuesdays - Healthy, Creamy Lucuma & Cashew Ice Cream

You may remember that, last week, I posted a delicious recipe for a Chocolate and Almond Power Milkshake. Created with creamy Total Greek and almond milk, and with bananas thrown in for good measure, it was sweetened with a new (or new to me, at least) superfood called Lucuma Powder.

Honestly, I am full of praise for the virtues of this wonder food, which is a fantastic natural sweetener for diabetics and those trying to lower their sugar intake.

Naturya Lucuma Powder

The ochre-coloured Lucuma Powder is a massive favourite back in its native Peru, where the fruit it comes from actually forms the basis of the most country's most popular ice cream flavour. Yup, travel to Peru and you will see Lucuma ice cream EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, for those who, like me, are firmly stuck in the UK, then I've whipped up a healthy, natural Lucuma ice cream. Created using creamy cashews (blitzed into a butter), almond milk and maple syrup, this is one guilt-free pud anyone can try. It tastes deliciously creamy and light and has an unusual, caramel-esque flavour, thanks to the Lucuma.

Simply top with Naturya's cacao nibs or chopped nuts and enjoy!

Sam x


Lucuma Raw Ice Cream


1/2 cup Lucuma powder
140g cashews, soaked in water or almond milk
Seeds one vanilla pod
5 tbsp maple syrup
240 ml almond or coconut milk


1) Drain the cashews, then place all of the ingredients into a food processor. Blitz until smooth and lump-free, stopping to scrape the sides down every now and again.

2) Pour into a container, then place in the freezer overnight, or until set. Take out the freezer an hour before eating to soften slightly, then scoop into bowls, top with nuts or cacao nibs and enjoy!