Thursday, 24 October 2013

A Beautiful World - The Natural Beauty Lover's Chocolate Factory

Ever since a few of my favourite natural beauty bloggers, Ana Goes Green and Beauty Balm, started raving about A Beautiful World, I have been hooked on the website.

Bursting with smaller, yet utterly luxurious, organic brands, ABW is a real emporium, a treasure trove of finds. Featuring brand new, rising stars of the skincare world like Indie Lee and 001 (more on them next week), it's like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory for beauty lovers.

The site was founded by Liz McCarthy earlier this year, who wanted to specialise in hard-to-find organic brands. In fact, much of the skincare ABW sells (such as 001, which will be launched very soon) is exclusive to them.

After a quick chat with Liz, she offered to send me some products for review - and all from brands I had never even heard of! They arrived swiftly, beautifully packaged and looking very tempting.

A Beautiful World

First up I tried Naisture's Collagen Paper Face Mask pack. Coming as a pack of five, these brilliant paper masks are coated with collagen to help boost the skin's elasticity and firmness. At only £10 per pack, these are a fantastic skin pick-me-up and work brilliantly before big events. All you need to do is apply to the face, leave for 15 minutes, massage in any residue, then voila! Beautiful, glowing skin.

Nature's Beauty Bee Venom Eye Serum

Next up were a Bee Venom Face Mask and Eye Serum from Nature's Beauty. The brand specialises in combining powerful, natural ingredients to brilliant effect. The Bee Venom ingredient in particular has been dubbed 'nature's botox' and is reportedly used by Kate Middleton.
My favourite was the fantastic eye serum, which I have been using for a few weeks and, I swear, has already blurred the fine lines and wrinkles around that delicate skin area. Surprisingly gentle, the serum also helps to reduce puffiness, which is great for a manic mum like me!

As well as the famous bee venom, the serum uses avocado oil, manuka honey and evening primrose to add a much-needed dose of hydration. All in all, a real wonder product at only £25.

Nature's Beauty Bee Venom Mask

Meanwhile, the Face Mask works fantastically at reviving tired, dull skin. I was fully expecting it to sting when I applied it (I'd advise a patch test first, as you shouldn't use if allergic to bee stings), but it didn't at all. Instead, I only felt a slight tingling as it worked its magic. Once I washed this off, I was left with brighter, fresher-looking skin, which felt softer and more hydrated.
All in all, I am well and truly addicted to A Beautiful World. I can definitely see where my birthday money will be spent next month...

Sam x