Monday, 28 October 2013

001 Skincare - Taking Natural Beauty to the Next Level

I knew that 001Skincare would be special the moment I heard all about the brand from Fi, from the award-winning Beauty Shortlist. Fi must test hundreds of products each year, yet she singled out 001 as one of the best she had ever tried.

So, as soon as a beautiful box of 001 Skincare treats arrived on my doorstep, I knew that I was about to fall in love. And fall in love I did.

Actually, that was an understatement. I actually fell completely head over heels, heart-stoppingly dizzy, can't-think-of-anything-else in love.

You see, since I started using 001 (and I've only been using it for little over a week - the results are instantaneous) I have been complimented on my skin every single day. In fact, strangers in the street have stopped to comment on my glow - and that never, ever happens.

Launched in the UK on A Beautiful World, the brand was started by former beauty therapist and aromatherapist Ada Ooi. Growing up in the metropolis of Hong Kong, Ada was fascinated by how ancient traditions could be used to restore health to skin, body and mind. She decided to try to create skin "equilibrium" by combining these methods with modern science, starting 001 as a result.

I have tested each of the three 001 products available on ABW (the GLA & Anti-Oxidant Balancing Cream, Intensive Elixir, Pure Active Peel) and, although each is truly magnificent, my favourite has to be the Intensive Elixir.

001 Elixir

Beautifully packaged in a sleek and elegant black bottle stopper (I love the quotation from Marco Polo which embosses each bottle) the elixir helps to counteract the effect which environmental damage has on the skin. Using a blend of three precious and essential oils - Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrhh - this serum-like potion locks in moisture and quenches thirsty, parched skin.

I cannot tell you how much this Elixir has transformed and improved my skin - it seems to turn the ordinary into the sublime. My face is smooth and even, baby soft for the entire day. I also lose about five years off my age (I'm 27), and it looks as though I have been lit from within. My face is actually luminescent at times.

In fact, the only downside to the product is the price (£94), although this is one of those rare, wonder products which I would say is worth every last penny - and I will definitely buy once I run out.

001 Pure Active Peel

Next up is the Pure Active Peel which, I swear, takes years off your face. An exfoliating fruit peel (it uses active enzymes from pineapple, as well as AHA acids from muscavado sugar) which evokes the wonders of marine algae, this will effectively slough off any dead skin cells, soften the skin and soothe the appearance of fine lines.

I absolutely loved the youthful appearance this gave and, while it is a high-performance exfoliator, it didn't upset my sensitive skin at all. Everything was silky to the touch and evenly-textured.

001 Anti-Oxidant Balancing Cream

Finally, the GLA & Anti-Oxidant Balancing Cream is a lovely, gentle moisturiser which uses omega-rich Brown Marine Algae to boost elasticity and collagen. Fennel, Witch Hazel, Melissa Leaf also work to balance skin sebum and aid water and toxin drainage.

I love how gentle the cream was on my skin. While it effectively moisturised, it wasn't too rich or too heavy, and sank beautifully into my skin. Because of this, it makes a great base for make-up as foundation won't slide right off.

All in all, 001 Skincare is a complete life changer of a brand. I'm already planning on dedicating my bathroom shelf to 001 - what will you be buying?

Sam x

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