Thursday, 29 August 2013

Want A Cool Backpack? Get A Herschel!

Firstly may I mention I am not being sponsored or paid by Herschel for writing this post. I genuinely am impressed with Herschel backpacks so much that I had to share my love with you all.

Some of you may know I have two sons, Charlie and Max. They both attend high school and after using an Adidas leather bag for last few years they wanted their next school bag to be a backpack, but in their words "a cool backpack!"

One name jumped to my mind immediately - Herschel

Both boys looked online and were delighted to see their mum knew what a cool backpack was. They quickly chose which style and colour they preferred. When the new backpacks arrived (just in time) I was very pleased with them; as were Charlie and Max too. We never imagined the backpacks would be so good. The quality is exceptional and the little sections inside are perfect, especially the fleece lined small and large pockets for phones and laptop. Brilliant designing.

Oh and not forgetting one important factor - they look "sic" (teenage speak).

Here are the two bags we purchased. Charlie had black and Max chose grey. (available from ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Size)

black herschel backpack
Herschel heritage backpack, ASOS £55

black herschel bag
Herschel Heritage backpack in black

inside a Herschel bag
Contrast interior of the Herschel backpack

grey herschel bag
Herschel Pop Quiz backpack, £65

herschel pop quiz backpack
Pull forward contrast interior and laptop pocket is behind

grey herschel rucksack
Love the contrast of the grey against the tan leather trim

herschel inside
Inside you will find keying, mesh wallet, fleece lined pocket for laptops up to 15"

The urban and unisex design provides a coveted look for any teenager, or stylish man looking for an understated casual bag to carry his bits and bobs about in. Well, anyone looking for a bag with a modern fit, shape and feel.

And if you are not sure about black or grey options then have a look at these other colour ways and styles:

navy herschel backpack
Herschel Retreat backpack, £60
camouflage bag
Herschel Pop Quiz backpack in camouflage, £65

herschel little america backpack
Herschel Little America backpack, £90
fluro herschel bag, fluoro, fluorescent, orange,
Herschel Settlement Backpack, £55
print herschel bag
Herschel chevron classic backpack, £40
blue herschel backpack
Herschel Survey canvas backpack, £75

There are so many more colours and styles you can get so do pop to ASOS or Urban Outfitters for a look. One of these backpacks is ideal for a gym bag, cycling backpack or any other use you may have for a bag.

My boys went back to school today so I hope they are not throwing it about or their drink and yoghurt could explode. Parents' nightmare!

Teresa x