Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Diamond Rings Worth Drooling Over

We do love drooling over sparkly, beautiful diamond rings - we just wish we had the pennies to treat ourselves to rocks Liz Taylor would have been proud of.

Perhaps due to her love of sparkles (and fashion), Sam has been commissioned to write the blog for the amazing British company Blacklock Jewellery.  Crammed full of luxurious engagement rings, precious stones and bespoke designs like these, this is a website which we could happily spend (ten) lottery wins on.

One day, we -will- be able to afford to snap up this stunning violet blue Tanzanite ring. Who needs a man when your fingers sparkle with these?

diamond ring

Anyway, fellow jewellery lovers should definitely stop by to check out Sam's posts here.

Sorry if we make you want to spend, spend, spend...

Sam and Teresa x