Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Engagement Ring Trends

Readers of I Am Into This will know by now that Teresa and I are real magpies. We truly believe that anything that glitters is gold meaning - you guessed it - we love our showstopper jewels.

Every girl in the world loves diamond rings, but I have never, ever known anyone to be quite so jewel obsessed as Teresa. In fact, you could lose T for days if you let her loose in glamorous jewellery shops and boutiques.

Anyway, for today's Wedding Wednesday, we are delighted to have a featured post from showing us some of the best engagement ring trends out there. I know what I'll be doing if I win the lottery this week...

So ladies, get bookmarking this page and be sure to "accidentally" leave it open in full-view of your men!


Sam x


Often lost in the massive shuffle of catwalk fashions is the fact that even niche genres of jewellery tend to run in trends.

If you take a close look at the engagement rings you see on friends and family , you may notice a few distinct styles popping up more frequently than others. Believe it or not, but an engagement ring isn't just about a simple metal band and shiny diamond (although we like to think the bigger, the better)!

Here are a of the most popular trends in engagement rings we have seen over the past few years.

Alternative Gemstones

Kate Middleton engagement ring
By now, almost everyone will be familiar with the blue Sapphire ring worn by Kate Middleton upon her engagement to Prince William. What fewer people realize is that this ring helped to spark an international trend toward gemstone engagement rings! Diamonds are still the standard, but alternatives like rubies, emeralds and sapphires are gaining popularity.

Multi-Diamond Styles

Diamond engagement ring

Most of us think of single-diamond rings as the classic engagement rings, but multi-diamond rings are becoming increasingly popular. Some prefer trinity rings, featuring a single prominent stone in the center flanked by twin stones that are slightly smaller. Others prefer the eternity rings, such as those featured at 77 Diamonds. These gorgeous rings feature clusters of small diamonds all the way around the band and designed to symbolise eternal commitment, meaning they fit engagements well.

Halo Settings

A halo setting is a simple but trendy concept. Halo setting rings feature a single large diamond encased in a circular placement (sometimes with tiny diamonds surrounding it). It's an elegant and popular choice, perfect for the chic modern day bride.

Vintage Rings

Halo settings are actually often classified as vintage, but this trend extends a bit further. Generally speaking, vintage engagement rings are larger and a feature bands and settings that are often a bit more intricate or ornate. There's no single style or form of ring that defines the term "vintage," but with some quick research you can learn how to spot rings that qualify.

Fancy Diamonds

Finally, there are also fancy diamonds, which are becoming trendy, though they are rare and often more expensive than alternatives. For those unfamiliar with the term, a fancy diamond is one that appears in its natural colour. Most commonly, these stones are pink, yellow or blue, though other colours can occur. The clear diamonds you typically see in fine jewellery actually have colour as well, but in most of them that colour is hidden to the naked eye, whereas fancy diamonds brightly and clearly exhibit their colours.