Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Getting a Hair Glamover With Barrie Stephen Salons

A gorgeous man, a killer pair of shoes, and a Hermes Birkin aside, there is nothing in life that will give a woman a bigger confidence boost than a great haircut.

In fact, from the moment I step into a hairdressing salon, I come over all serene. By the time I leave, I feel spoiled, pampered and incredibly glamorous.

It’s safe to say that I love visiting my hairdresser. There’s the delicious gossip, the chance to put your feet up with magazines, and then there’s the indulgent hair wash. Is there anything more relaxing than having your hair washed?

With all this in mind, I was delighted when I was invited to the award-winning Leicester salon Barrie Stephen, based on King Street, for a free cut and style the day before I started a new job.

One of the best independent salons in the country, Barrie Stephen salons are the ultimate girly treat and are sure to leave you feeling your most beautiful.

I was booked in for a consultation with the lovely salon manager Joe, and warmed to him the second I took my seat. After much umming and ahhing, we decided to keep my hair low-maintenance (I’m lazy. I never blow dry.) and add some “oomph” to it by creating the illusion of layers.

Using strengthening Kerastase products (they also happen to smell delicious) to help soften my ends, Joe gave me an incredible hair wash which left me almost snoozing in my chair. He was also kind enough to use an intensive treatment which he said would continue to help my hair, even six washes later.

It's safe to say that I was absolutely thrilled with the end result, which left me with natural-looking bouncy hair and made me feel on top of the world as I bounded around the shops later that day.

My next step? Well, I’ll definitely be visiting again, that’s for sure. And after chatting to Joe about my inner hair rebel, I’m even tempted to go for an all-new colour. Candy hair, here I come...

Sam x