Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bouncy Hair With Sleep In Rollers

When it comes to my hair, I am pretty lazy. Actually, make that very, very lazy.

I don’t blowdry it, I don’t style it - I simply like to wake up, wash and go.

However, this often leaves me with flat, dull hair. It also leads me to develop serious girl crushes on women with thick, flowing, glossy locks. “Why can’t I look like that?” I think to myself, happily ignoring the fact that I don’t deserve it. Let’s face it, zero effort deserves rubbish hair.

Anyway, with my lazy hair philosophy I was uber excited when celebrity favourite Sleep In Rollers offered to send me their products to test. Of course, you can imagine my delight - I could get bouncy, voluminous locks overnight. As I slept! It is a beauty lover’s dream.

Sleep In Rollers

Admittedly, despite its neon pink packaging, the product itself is decidedly unglam. Once I rolled the Blonde rollers into my hair (using velcro strips, they are ridiculously easy to use. I managed the first time without even a mirror to hand!) I beared more than a passing resemblance to Nora Batty. These are clearly not made for bedtime action of any sort. But hey, no pain, no gain and all that...

What I have been delighted to find is that unlike many other hair rollers, Sleep In Rollers are actually pretty comfortable. Women have been suffering for years trying to sleep whilst wearing rollers, but these beauties actually flatten (rather like a sponge) when you lie down, meaning you can sleep in comfort and wake up to hair with body and bounce!

So, does it work? Yes, and brilliantly so!

Not only did I manage a full night of undisturbed sleep, but I woke up to hair which looked as though I had managed to nip to the hairdressers for a blowdry before my morning coffee. For just £17.99, glossy, bouncy, big hair awaits me in the mirror that morning, and I was overjoyed!

I’ve also since discovered that rolling them in the opposite direction will result in gorgeous waves, and I’m all over that, ready for a girly night out this weekend.

I may be addicted, but I doubt the men in my life aren’t so pleased...

Sam x