Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wedding Finds With ETSY - Bridal Hair Accessories

Have you ever ventured into the depths of Etsy? I am surprised when speaking to some people that they have never heard of it. Where have they been?

Etsy is the bride's perfect place to find something different, bespoke and sometimes cheaper than what the bridal shops offer.

The only downside to Etsy is that you have to trawl through a lot of pages to find the good stuff, I have often been found clicking next page every 10 seconds for over half an hour until I find something which grabs my attention.

Strangely, I did spot a Tiny Tears doll modelling a bridal headdress. I have not got a clue why somebody would want to use a child's doll as their model. Strange folk.

For you lovely brides-to-be I have sat and done this mindlessly numbing task of sifting through the pages of stockists to bring you some of the best hair accessories I could find. I have purposely picked UK designers only (lots of other Etsy stockist overseas which do post to UK) but I wanted to stick to supporting businesses in Great Britian.

Please note, the quality of some of these images isn't to our specification but nevertheless we feel the hair accessory would look beautiful in real life.

Here's what I found:

feather headdress, Etsy UK
Vintage style feather headband with vintage style jewels,  £56.86
floral wedding headpiece
Floral wedding  hairpiece with silk flowers and pearls, £104.98
art deco headband
Art Deco rhinestone side bridal headband, £158.02
lace headband
Bridal rhinestone lace headband with silk ribbon, £33
1920s style wedding headband, £55
bridal headband
Cream headband with pearl and crystal detail, £111.93
leaf headband
Vintage bridal marcasite leaf headband, £69
art deco headpiece
Art Deco headpiece, Silver Screen Goddess £213.98
juliet cap, veil
Juliet cap veil in ivory tulle with lace, £144.85
bridal teardrop hat
Duchess silk satin bow on a teardrop shaped ivory hat, £144.85
juliet cap veil
Ivory juliet cap with veil in English silk, £151.44
hair vine
Hair vine accessory, £75.72

Are you an Etsy newbie?

Let us know what shops you have found over there.

Teresa x

N.B  Not a sponsored post, we just love finding the pretty for you.