Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Healthy Snack Attack: 9 Bar Review

I think that I must be a bit of a greedy guts at heart because I always, ALWAYS need feeding.

Every time I leave the house, I make sure I pack some sort of healthy snack with me. In fact, open up any one of my (many) handbags and you will find that they are stuffed with bags of nuts and seeds. I am a walking, talking Holland and Barrett.

The only problem with this is that the bags of nuts usually end up splitting, leaving me to find rogue almonds and raisins everywhere. And, really, a Chanel handbag shouldn't have manky old nuts lying in the corners...

Putting an end to all my healthy snacking woes are the amazing 9 Bars. Each nutritional bar is handmade in Wales using completely natural ingredients. Packed with wholesome goodies such as nuts and seeds, they are perfect for stuffing in handbags, ready for a quick energy boost, or a guilt-free indulgence.

They are even wheat, gluten, dairy, lactose AND egg-free, so everyone can enjoy them!

I was sent a number of the brand's new savoury bars to test and, being peanut crazy, I am already completely addicted to the Peanut 9 Bar. Crammed with seeds, roasted peanuts and a pinch of salt, it was utterly delicious and I devoured it in seconds. In fact, it ate it so fast that I may as well have absorbed it through Osmosis.

Other flavours include the delicious Cracked Black Pepper, Anglesey Sea Salt and Sweet Chilli. I also fancy the Nutty flavour, which is coated with a layer of Carob...yum!

Having been doing the crazy Insanity workouts for a while now, these 9 Bars are a great healthy addition to my diet to help me re-energise. It takes a lot to convert a sweet-toothed me to the savoury side, but I think 9 have cracked it! A definite Sam must-have, I reckon that any fellow fitness or health freaks will love them.

Prices start at a very reasonable £10.80 (including delivery!) for 16 bars and are available to buy from here.

Sam x