Thursday, 1 October 2015

Best Rings for Fresh Fall Manicures

Finally, fall is upon us! As the leaves change, our style is not far behind. Trading in shorts for pants, tank tops for sweaters and sandals for boots, our wardrobe isn’t the only element of style that gets a seasonal makeover.

Summery shades of bright yellow, peach and fuchsia are left in the beach bag. Moving into cooler weather, we swap colour swatches and prime our cuticles for fabulous fall manicures. According to PopSugar and The Huffington Post, some of the hottest nail trends for fall feature eye-catching accents, deep red hues, edgy metallics, glossy neutrals, and multi-tonal designs.

Getting your autumn-inspired manicure is just half of what it takes to nail your fall beauty look this season. What else does it take? Finding the perfect accessories to match your freshly painted fingernails. There’s nothing quite like a beautiful manicure matched with stunning rings. So we pulled from Lyst and their roster of rings to show you which are best for each fall manicure trend. With these looks, you’re sure to wave ‘hello’ to fall in style!

Stacked rings
Nail accents were a huge hit on the runways, with a variety of brush strokes to try. At Louis Vuitton, models flaunted graphic square details, and other shows gave us artistic inspiration with paint-splattered and abstract nails. Since accented manicures tend to be busy, play up the drama by stacking one hand with a mixed set of plain and geometric rings.

Rich red is, as expected, a fall colour staple. With nails dripping in dark merlot tones, sophistication immediately comes to mind. However, this fall is all about keeping fashion playful. Update your wine-coloured manicure with a modern twist; layer a gemstone ring that is a couple shades lighter or pinker than your polish. The contrast will be a pleasant surprise! 

Metallic hues are the cool-girl way to make a statement. Edgier than a gloss, metallics add another dimension that inspires mystery. Hot metallic manicures this season are painted in electric blue and gemstone colors. The best way to complement this statement style? Add one to two rings with natural stones to mirror the shine and enhance the earthy metal theme.

For a laid-back look, unpretentious polishes in neutral tones are the way to go. Seen at Rag & Bone and other fashion houses with similar down-to-earth style, glossy nude nails stole the show. The lack of colour on your nails gives you the opportunity to glam up your look with a large statement ring.

New for fall, multi-tonal manicures are gracing the nails of fashionistas everywhere. This style features stacked ombré shades ranging from two to four horizontal panels of polish on each nail. A different way to do graphics, tonal nails are eye-catching as it is and don’t need heavy accessory support. Plain but thick bands on each hand are the perfect way to bring together this otherwise busy beauty trend.

With endless possibilities and naked nails begging to be painted, which ring-and-mani duo are you ready to flaunt this fall?

*Please note, this is a guest post*