Monday, 22 June 2015

Say Cheese, Parisian Style

So, this isn't my usual health food post. It doesn't contain recipes promising to be good for you, to convert you to the wonders of natural foods.

Instead, it just has a whole lot of cheese...

I mean, really, what could be better?

When Les Nouveaux Fromagers offered to send me their French cheese subscription box, the boyfriend and I were jumping for joy. Hurrah! We thought ahead to cosy evenings in (let's face it, it's hardly been BBQ weather) with a glass of red, fresh baguettes, fresh meats and these delicious cheeses.

If you love your French food, then you'll adore this subscription box. This lovely, friendly company visit local producers to select you the very best unpasteurised milk cheeses.Packed with incredible goat and cow's milk cheeses, with a whole array of strengths, textures and tastes, there's sure to be a cheese to suit everyone. Plus, it turns up in refrigerated packaging, so there will be no stinking out your post too!

The company send four delicious cheeses with each subscription box (I especially loved the creamy goat's cheese, PersillĂ© de chèvre) for around £30 a month. Cheese lovers will be in utter heaven and I promise you won't be disappointed. Perfect for grabbing your friends, a box of crackers and enjoying a cheese night once a month!

You can enjoy this amazing subscription service by clicking here. Say cheese and eat up!

Sam x