Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Best Protein Shakes EVER: ProMixxer Reviewed

Have you ever been to the gym, only to be rewarded with a lumpy, disgusting protein shake?

To down your drink, only to be left with the dredges of your favourite protein powder at the bottom?

Of course you have...

Every gym lover has been there, done that and (sadly) got the t-shirt.

It's no problem if you're at home and have a Nutribullet or processor to hand. But what do you do if you want your drink in the gym, or on the way home?

The frothiest protein shake EVER

Thankfully, I have recently discovered the incredible Promixx, who sell a range of transportable (they fit in your hand as easily as a standard shaker) vortex mixers to say goodbye to lumps, bumps and disgusting protein shakes. Each mixer has a motor and blade which promise to whizz your powdered supplements until they're smooth and delicious.

So, what do I think?

It's safe to say, I'm sold...

Every gym bunny worth her salt needs one of these Promixx mixers (in pink, naturally) - they make the most deliciously frothy protein shakes you'll ever try!

Sam x

P.S The Promixx range costs from £18.99 and is available to buy on the website here.