Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Soru: Jewels to Make You Drool

Ladies, I want to share with you the most gorgeous, drool-worthy jewellery I think I have ever stumbled across. Introducing Soru Jewellery - creators of luxury, stylish pieces that I guarantee every girl will want nestled in her jewellery box.

Specialising in handmade pieces made from precious stones, Soru make statement dressing easy. In fact, you can be wearing even the most dull and boring of outfits (think a staple tee and jeans) - throw on a Soru necklace, or scrape back your hair into a pony and add a pair of the drop earrings, and you'll instantly be transformed.

Honestly, never before have I visited a jewellery website and wanted to buy quite so much. I mean, there are double rings, like these ones here (not the gorgeous bracelets too):

Soru jewellery

And just incase that wasn't enough to make you swoon, check out this lovely lot. Isn't it all just beautiful?

Soru jewellery

I'm lucky enough to own one of the pendant necklaces (click here for similar), and it truly brightens every single outfit. In fact, I've lost count of the number of times I've been asked where it was from, and if someone can steal it (NO!)

If, like me, you can't usually be bothered with anything more glamorous than jeans and a tee (it's the mum in me), then Soru is your answer. They'll add glamour and stunning detail to anything.

With my birthday just a week or so away, I'm already creating a Soru wishlist. Next, I'm going to be ordering this beauty, the Emerald Double Drop Pendant in gold. 

Soru pendant

What are your favourite jewellery websites?

Sam x