Monday, 13 October 2014

(Secretly Healthy) Ice Cream Protein Truffles

So, this week is National Chocolate Week. Hurrah! Who else is planning on celebrating by eating all the chocolatey, gooey goodness that they can manage?

As our little chocolate treat to you, we thought we would bring you our favourite, guilt-free treat - Ice Cream Protein Truffles. Made with WheyHey and extra dark chocolate. Oh, and my favourite Freeist sugar-free white chocolate to coat the strawberry truffles!

Ice Cream truffles

These are a little messy to make, but honestly could not taste more delicious - or be easier and simpler to make!


Sam x


WheyHey truffles


For the dark chocolate hazelnut ice cream truffles:
1 small tub of WheyHey chocolate protein ice cream
4 squares 95% Lindt dark chocolate
1 tsp Lucy Bee coconut oil
Handful roasted chopped hazelnuts

For the white chocolate strawberry ice cream truffles:
1 small tub of WheyHey strawberry protein ice cream
50g Freeist sugar-free white chocolate
1 tsp Lucy Bee coconut oil
Handful desiccated coconut


1) Leave the ice cream out of the freezer for around 20 minutes to soften, then use a melon ball scooper to 'scoop' the ice cream out in balls. Place on a baking paper-covered plate, then place in the freezer to harden for a few hours.

2) Once hardened and firm, gently melt your chocolate and coconut oil, stirring to combine. Dunk your ice cream balls into the melted chocolate to coat, then sprinkle with hazelnuts or desiccated coconut and place back in the freezer to set.

3) When you're ready to eat, take them out of the freezer for 10 minutes to soften and warm slightly, then eat!