Monday, 13 October 2014

Pinks Boutique Organic Beauty Review

It's very rare that I blog about beauty products now because I only write about the skincare ranges that blow me away. I only share the very best - and, believe me when I say, Pinks Boutique is just that. 

You see, the second I tried Pinks Boutique - a natural and organic luxury skincare range - I knew that I would be ordering everything in full size. As in, ordering the whole range. 

Within minutes (I got sent this Ocha Facial Skin Care Try Me Kit to test), I had fallen completely in love; my skin had never felt so good. In fact, I found myself constantly stroking and touching my face (and, yes, even smelling it - you know I like my rose-scented products!) and when I came to apply make-up, I didn't even need a base. My skin looked smooth and fresh, and just glowed.

While I could write about this entire set for paragraphs and rave on and on about it, here are my highlights:

Sometimes, I wake up and my skin looks a little lacklustre, or a tiny bit grey. Somehow, it loses its sparkle. This Bamboo and Oatmeal exfoliator is my new dream product for pepping up tired skin and for giving me a youthful radiance. Unlike many hard-working exfoliators, it's incredibly gentle on skin (I would guess that it's even suitable for sensitive skin types) and leaves your face feeling soft and moisturised. 

Rose Face and Body Balm (RRP £30)

Pinks Boutique Rose Face and Body Balm

My ultimate pick from the Pinks Boutique range, this face and body balm is perfect as a hard-working moisturiser, or as an overnight treatment. Made with rose-infused shea and with provitamins A and vitamin D and E, this balm is incredibly soothing to use on the face. I also found that it calms inflammation or redness - making it ideal for under-nourished skin this winter - and it also adds a silky sheen to the skin. My new number one product to get the glow!

Ocha and Rosehip Moisturiser (RRP £27)

Pinks Boutique Ocha and Rosehip Moisturiser

While my skin tends to be "normal", sometimes it needs a little bit of extra love and care in tough or dry areas. This moisturiser smells wonderful and is light, yet effective, on the skin. Since it's blended with Rosehip oil, this also happens to be fantastic for reducing wrinkles, repairing photo-ageing sun damage, or healing scar tissue.