Tuesday, 5 August 2014

No-Bake Nutella Protein Brownies

Regular readers will know that I have a real thing for Nutella.

I make cookies with it, I make cheesecake with it, I swirl banana bread with it. Heck, I've even been known to plant my face in it.

Anyway, when the lovely people at Creative Nature Superfoods sent me their cacao powder to try (by far and away the tastiest cacao I've ever tried), I knew exactly what I wanted to make. I wanted to make raw brownies which tasted exactly like Nutella, and I wanted to make them right away.

No-Bake Nutella Protein Brownies

These no-bake (and raw) Nutella Protein Brownies (proteinised by a chocolate ganache, but you can adapt the recipe to suit your own needs) are absolute heaven. They taste every bit as delicious as Nutella, but in a good, honest, healthy way. Made with roasted hazelnuts, cacao, coconut oil and not much else, they're a pretty special guilt-free treat that everyone can enjoy.

If you love everyone's favourite chocolate spread, then you need to go and make these right now.

Sam x


Raw Nutella Brownies

For the raw brownies:
150g roasted, skinless hazelnuts, chopped
60g Creative Nature cacao
2 tbsp honey
1-2 tbsp stevia (to taste)
5 tbsp Lucy Bee coconut oil, melted

For the ganache:
2 tbsp Creative Nature cacao
2 tbsp chocolate casein (I use First Protein since it's grass-fed)
2 tbsp Coyo yoghurt
2 tbsp Lucy Bee coconut oil, melted
1.5 tbsp stevia

1) To make the raw brownie, pulse together the ingredients in a food processor until well-combined and sticking together. If needed, add a touch more coconut oil. Press the mixture down into a ready-lined loaf tin, then place in the freezer to firm up.

2) Once the brownie bites are firm, start making the ganache by simply combining all ingredients in a bowl (sweeten more or less, depending on taste, or make it runnier by adding more coconut oil or coyo, or thicker by adding more casein). Spread the ganache over the brownie, then place in the fridge to set. Cut into bite sized chunks and sprinkle with coconut sugar before eating.