Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Our Top Summer Beach Beauty Products

It goes without saying that our skin needs extra care during the long, hot summer months. However much I try to protect myself from the sun's harmful rays, I find that I really need to invest in quality skincare in the summer.

I need moisturisers to combat both oily and dry spots, rich body oils to get those pins looking beach-ready, and facial spritzers to refresh and revive. If you're heading on a summer holiday this year (lucky you!), then here are our top summer beach beauty products - we won't be packing our suitcases without!

Sam x

I've long been a fan of this gorgeous, luxury brand and use their diffusers in my home and the Goddess body oil every single day. However, it's the newly-launched Goddess Floral Waters which have really caught my eye this summer. Not only do they smell absolutely incredible, but they make a brilliant multi-tasker (great for holiday packing) and I use mine as a toner and to spritz on skin to instantly revive and refresh. My absolute pick of the lot is the Neroli water, which is created using the finest orange blossom water and leaves skin feeling beautifully soft, hydrated and glowing.

Lucy Bee Coconut Baby
Zayn loves his bath times with Lucy Bee

Are there no end to the uses of this wonder product? Honestly, I have a jar in my kitchen, my bathroom and my bedroom, plus one in each of my baby boys' rooms too. It's a miracle!

For coconut oil newbies, this is a true all-round product and can be used in baking (check out some of my recipes on the Lucy Bee page), cooking and as a dairy-free spread on bread or toast. However, it's the endless beauty uses that have me hooked on Lucy Bee this summer. Since coconut oil is packed with antioxidants and fatty acids, it makes the most incredible moisturiser (for all skin types - yep, even oily!) and skin rescuer, on both face and body.

Not only will it plump up skin and rid you of any dryness (brilliant post-beach - try adding some to baths for silky smooth skin!), but it also fights wrinkles and fine lines too. Oh, and did I mention that it can help to strengthen and lengthen eyelashes too...?


When you have two kids under two and live on coffee and no sleep, these collagen-boosting Naisture Masks from A Beautiful World (my favourite natural beauty website) are an absolute godsend. The paper masks may look terrifying while you're wearing them, but they're so easy to use and literally dose up the skin with moisture. I put one of these on before bed, then wake up with fresh, dewy and youthful skin!

Rich in vitamins A, E and D, along with Aloe and other wonderfully-moisturising oils, this spritzer is incredible at locking moisture in post-shower. I adore this body moisturiser and find it really boosts the appearance of my skin (particularly on those stubborn patches such as the knees and elbows), without leaving it greasy. A huge favourite, and a product I've been singing the praises of to anyone who will listen!

Les Indiennes Taormina Body Lotion

Oh, I have been completely and utterly seduced by this divine Italian brand. Every product from Les Indiennes is gloriously, wonderfully packaged, meaning they make the most perfect gifts (or treats for yourself, if you happen to feel indulgent!).

I adore their luxe-looking shower and bath oils, but it's the Les Indiennes body lotions that have really captured my attention. These wonderful lotions leave you smelling like a warm summer's evening on the Mediterranean. You know, the kind where you're lazing on a sun-drenched terrace with platters of tapas and cocktails galore. My absolute favourite is the Arancio di Taormina - a heavenly-scented orange lotion, which leaves my mouth watering and the skin glowing and silky smooth to touch.

Collagen Shots smoothie

I adore these fruity-flavoured collagen-boosting skin drinks. All you do is take one shot a night with water (or add them to your morning smoothie - see my picture for inspiration!) for fresh, youthful skin. I seriously notice a difference in the elasticity of my skin when I'm taking my Collagen Shots - lines appear less noticeable, my skin is plumped up, and everything seems a bit clearer and fresher.

Kadalys Banana Balm

Another summer must-have at the natural beauty emporium of A Beautiful World is this banana-scented lip balm. It smells like a freshly-whipped ice cream shake and makes lips feel soft and oh-so kissable. Containing yellow banana musactif ingredient, castor oil and Rosa Mosqueta, this balm works to provide intense hydration, regeneration and nutrition for that pout.