Wednesday, 14 May 2014

We Want Cool Tableware

Gone are the days of having everything matching. Matching cups, matching plates, matching tablecloth, matching placemats, matching tea towels, matching bowls, matching teapots - the list is endless of having your dinnerwares matching. It's so not a cool look anymore.

Can you remember those awful cream coloured dinner sets which were decorated with the words in black of what each item was - plate, bowl, dish, etc? *shudders*

As much as we are no longer wearing matching shoes with our handbag then the same rule applies to your tableware - don't have a matching teapot to go with your breakfast bowls. Embrace colour, pattern and mismatch. We are all about the cool and quirky; inject some of your personality into your home.

After searching through the high street homewares here's some fab items which will look ace in your home:

fruit coasters
Paloma coaster, ANTHROPOLOGIE £6
orange and gold teacup
Golden rim cup (also comes in blue), ZARA £9.99
joules teapot
Joules teapot, JOHN LEWIS £34.95
patterned nut bowls
Turtle nut bowl, ANTHROPOLOGIE £12 each
pineapple teapot
Pineapple set, ZARA £9.99-£24.99
parrot plate
Parrot mini porcelain plate, H&M £1.99
trendy sugar bowl
Bloomingville Carla sugar bowl (other colours), JOHN LEWIS £14
pink wine glass
Pink cut glassware, ZARA £5.99-£6.99
pink geometric mug
Patterned mug, H&M £3.99
neon tablerunner
Neon tassel tablerunner, ANTHROPOLOGIE £38
alessi green dish
ALESSI big ice-cream set, £29.95
zara parrot tablecloth
Parrots and palm trees tablecloth and napkins, ZARA £19.99-£109.99

These are just some of the fabulous ideas of updating your tableware in 2014, we are in love with the pops of colour and amazing patterns. Zara probably have the greatest quirky items with some gorgeous details.

So many items nowadays are Cath Kidston inspired but we prefer to not follow suit. We love to have modern with vintage items and all of the tableware above will work well alongside any vintage treasures you already own.

Be bold and be different is what we say!