Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Non-Stinky Gradual Tan - Perfect!

As the gorgeous weather arrived last weekend were you dreading the first reveal of your pale pins? I know I was!

When they were handing out good looking skin I was definitely at the back of the queue. I am a white chick who has never ever had a pair of tanned legs. Over the years I have managed to get a tan on my upper body quite easily during a holiday abroad but for some strange reason my legs reflect the sun's rays onto everyone else's legs.

Cue - get to the shops and invest in some tantastic lotions.

I have always depended on gradual tanning lotions, for the past few summers I have relied on Dove. I have tried every gradual tanning product there is and did think Dove was the best option for me. Albeit I would stink for a good 24 hours afterwards.

I could never go the whole hog and buy the proper fake tan simply because I am terrified of looking like I had been Tangoed. Nor have I ever taken the plunge of stripping off, donning a pair of paper knickers whilst some young teenage beauty therapist sprayed with me a fake tan either. No way am I going to stand in front of someone almost naked flashing my jelly belly and stretch marks. The beauty therapist and myself don't need the emotional trauma of doing such a thing.

Anyway, I digress, for many years I have used gradual tanning lotions. Slapping the stinky stuff on after taking a shower and then standing in my bathroom naked waiting to dry before I can get dressed. This can take quite some time before I am no longer sticky to touch.

Yesterday I tried something new - a spray on gradual tan. I had assumed all the spray products were for proper full-on fake tan which I would never use. I am pleased as punch Bioderma have come up with their Photoderm Autobronzant - Moisturising Gradual Tanning Mist.

It's ace! Firstly it dries so quickly that I no longer have to stand in my bathroom in an awkward stance waiting to dry. Secondly I don't have to worry about scrubbing my hands for fear of orange palms because it doesn't need rubbing in. And the best bit....it doesn't smell!

The bottle doesn't even mention that it's non-smelly so I was pleasantly surprised many hours afterwards that I didn't have the mouldy biscuit aroma. Even now almost 24 hours later my skin is still stinky-free.

When I read on the bottle that it is a moisturising spray I didn't really pay much attention to it because not many skincare products fulfil this requirement. However this spray actual does moisturise; my arms and legs have remained super soft all day and night. It's quite a rarity for me to wake up with silky legs the following morning before I take a shower. In fact, it's unheard of.

For me this Bioderma gradual tanning product is nothing short of a miracle. The easy application doesn't leave any streaks, it's a gorgeous bronze colour, not a hint of orange or horrible glittery bits in sight and for once in my life - I am not embarrassed of my legs. Seriously ladies, I strongly recommend you buy this, you will not be disappointed. Available at www.zestessentials.com at £15 for 150ml.

I will be stocking up with several bottles of this fab tanning spray, my legs will never be seen white, streaky or uneven toned ever again. Hurrah!