Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Beautiful Body Butter For You

For those of you who like their skin to remain moisturised throughout the day instead of drying back up within an hour then keep on reading....

Having long suffered with dreaded dry skin on my legs I am chuffed to bits to share with you my new discovery. For years my scaly shins have been the bane of my life, every time I pull up my 80 denier tights I am blessed with a snowfall of dry skin upon my legs.

I have fell for the marketing of Vaseline Intensive Care which never worked for more than sixty minutes,. I have tried the good old cocoa butter which was okay but I could never stand the smell of the stuff and I am quite sure it encouraged the gnats in the summer months to come for a munch on my legs too.

To be honest, I have tried every dry skin moisturiser and body butter going and last year I discovered an amazing oil by Ancienne Ambiance which really does do the trick. But now I am in love with a new body butter by Simply Beautiful Collection....

best body butter uk
 Jasmine and Evening Primrose Oil Body Butter, £25 for a 450ml jar

To convey how ace this body butter is let me tell you this, after taking a shower at 8am my skin was still as soft as a baby's bum when I went to bed that evening at 11pm. Pretty good, eh?!

Not only was this moisturiser incredible it also smells heavenly. I WISH the internet could transmit scents because I want you to smell the magnificence of this. Put it this way, you don't need a squirt of perfume after applying this, even twelve hours after application my mum was able to smell this on my skin and like me, she loved the scent too.

It's not overbearing or anything like that, it simply smells so, so pretty!

I do love it when I find a beauty product which is beyond words and NEED it in my life forever. I will soon be purchasing another jar when this one runs out.

So if you are looking to achieve luscious legs this summer then this is the body butter for you. No question about it.

Teresa x