Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil Review

If you are anything like me, you will have tried every softening hair product there is to try and add some glossiness to your mane. Believe me, I have tried soooo many of them.

For many years I have had highlights to my hair to retain the light blonde which turned to ash blonde in my early twenties. The punishment I have put my hair through with hairdryers, hair straighteners and colouring really does show and I suffer with dreaded dry hair with a dash of frizziness to ensure I look a bit like Captain Caveman most of the time.

I am so pleased I have now discovered this……

weleda hair oil
Nourishing hair oil with rosemary, £8.95

I can vouch that this hair oil by Weleda DOES work. The first time I used it I did use more oil than recommended because from past experience of using hair serums/oils I never feel they do much so always apply more than needed. How wrong I was with this hair oil. I think I may have added a tad too much and ended up with an oil slick on my head. It was a bit embarrassing because I didn't have time to wash my hair again so I went out with extra greasy hair for the day. Oops!

After learning from my mistake I ensured I followed the recommended amount of oil on my damp hair. It wasn't apparent straightaway that my hair was going to be ultra sleek, although the scent of this oil is heavenly.

Once I had dried my hair using my hairdryer I was chuffed to bits that my hair was exactly what I had been yearning for - sleek, smooth and appeared much more healthier than it had ever done in years.

This Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil gets a massive thumbs up from me!

Teresa x