Monday, 10 March 2014

The Best Facial Oils - Tried and Tested

There is one thing I wish all ladies did and that is for you to make facials oils part of your skincare routine, I cannot describe how amazing they are for your skin. Yet so many of you don't use them - it is a beauty crime!

Ten years ago I was very anti-oils, simply because I had greasy skin and I didn't know as much back then as I do now about skincare. I avoided oils at all costs and could never see the benefits of adding more oil to the very present oil slick on my face. Thank goodness I got myself educated on the importance of a suitable daily beauty regime and changed my ways.

The feel good factor you get from using oils as part of your daily routine is fantastic. The aromas are heavenly and the magic they do to your skin is ace. My skin is no longer oily; greasy T-zone no longer exists and the massaging action of using the oils brings a more vibrant fresher look to my face.

Here are my favourite facial oils:

Wildwood Grove

This Rose and Frankincense Argan oil is excellent. Having recently been named as a finalist on the Beauty Shortlist as their No.1 argan oil I can certainly see why. Yes it's not the cheapest but you do get what you pay for. Every single penny of this argan oil is sooo worth it. My skin loves it and I can assure you that yours will too.

I find the Wildwood Grove Argan Oil is very versatile and a great all rounder; I can use it when my skin flares up and also for everyday use.

wildwood grove oil
Rose and Frankincense Argan Facial Oil


The Desert Rose Rejuvenating Facial Oil has been my skin saviour throughout winter. The founder of Bodhi, Mr Elijah Choo, has created a miracle with this oil. It really does rejuvenate your skin. No matter how bad the weather has been, the lack of sleep or stress my face is showing, this oil will work its magic and have my skin glowing again.

I primarily use this oil for when the weather is harsh and my skin is going to be getting a battering, this oil protects my skin all day and keeps it from drying out. I also use this oil as part of my nighttime routine.

bodhi rose oil


Yep this isn't called an oil, it is a serum which is an elixir of 100% pure and natural essential oils. I class it as an oil simply because it behaves like an oil and not so much like other serums I have used. Decleor Aromessence Neroli Serum really does nourish your skin when used with a moisturising facial cream. It gives you a fabulous radiant glow which will last you all day and does wonders for your skin. I prefer to use this product during the warmer months when my skin isn't so demanding yet still needs a bit of TLC.

decleor oil
Decleor Aromessence Neroli Essential Serum